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245 04 The arts and the brain :|bpsychology and physiology beyond
       pleasure /|cedited by Julia F. Christensen, Antoni Gomila 
264  1 Cambridge, MA :|bAcademic Press is an imprint of Elsevier,
300    1 online resource (xxv, 484 pages) :|billustrations, maps 
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338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
490 1  Progress in brain research ;|vvolume 237 
504    Includes bibliographical references 
505 0  The arts, brain and evolution. Art, symbolism and the 
       evolution of the brain -- Emergence of early art and the 
       evolution of human culture -- On the interaction between 
       cultural and biological evolutionary processes in 
       generating artistic creativity -- The arts and psychology.
       The nature of aesthetic experience of art -- Art 
       appreciation as an emotional process - beyond aesthetic 
       experience -- The singular experience: characterizing the 
       emotional response to art beyond pleasure -- An empirical 
       paper on audience responses to film -- The arts and 
       physiology. Why we like what we like? Tracking the 
       neurophysiological responses linked to aesthetic 
       appreciation -- The arts as a multisensory experience -- 
       Interceptive predictions and aesthetic relatedness to 
       images -- How artists represent visual processes -- The 
       arts and the brain. Art and brain, and integrative 
       overview -- Seeking salience in engaging art: a short 
       story about attention, artistic value, and affective 
       neuroscience -- New insights from the neuroscience of 
       dance -- Embodied aesthetics in the visual and the 
       performing arts -- The arts and biology. Music, dance and 
       other art forms: new insights into the links between 
       hedonia (pleasure) and eudaimonia (well-being) -- A 
       systematic review of the biological impact of music -- 
       Biology and aesthetics in music and the visual arts -- 
       Alexithymia, arts and health -- Arts expertise and 
       learning. Developmental perspectives on the social and 
       emotional role of music and dance -- Music education and 
       the brain -- Dance learning among adolescents and young 
       adults: Insights from brain imaging and behaviour -- Is 
       there a moral bettering through the arts? 
520    "The Arts and the Brain: Psychology and Physiology beyond 
       Pleasure, Volume 237, combines the work of an excellent 
       group of experts who explain evidence on the neural and 
       biobehavioral science of the arts. Topics covered include 
       the emergence of early art and the evolution of human 
       culture, the interaction between cultural and biological 
       evolutionary processes in generating artistic creation, 
       the nature of the aesthetic experience of art, the arts as
       a multisensory experience, new insights from the 
       neuroscience of dance, a systematic review of the 
       biological impact of music, and more"--Publisher's 
588    Description based on online resource; title from 
       electronic title page (ScienceDirect, viewed May 22, 2018)
650  0 Neurosciences and the arts 
650  0 Arts|xPsychology 
650  7 ART / General|2bisacsh 
650 12 Neuropsychology 
650 12 Art 
650 22 Creativity 
650 22 Biological Evolution 
650 22 Neurosciences 
650 22 Behavioral Sciences 
655  4 Electronic books 
700 1  Christensen, Julia F.,|eeditor 
700 1  Gomila, Antoni,|eeditor 
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830  0 Progress in brain research ;|v237 
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