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100 1  Speth, James Gustave 
245 10 America the possible :|bmanifesto for a new economy /
       |cJames Gustave Speth 
260    New Haven ;|aLondon :|bYale University Press,|cc2012 
300    xv, 249 p. ;|c25 cm 
504    Includes bibliographical references (p. 199-235) and index
520    "In this third volume of his award-winning American Crisis
       series, James Gustave Speth makes his boldest and most 
       ambitious contribution yet. He looks unsparingly at the 
       sea of troubles in which the United States now finds 
       itself, charts a course through the discouragement and 
       despair commonly felt today, and envisions what he calls 
       America the Possible, an attractive and plausible future 
       that we can still realize.The book identifies a dozen 
       features of the American political economy--the country's 
       basic operating system--where transformative change is 
       essential. It spells out the specific changes that are 
       needed to move toward a new political economy--one in 
       which the true priority is to sustain people and planet. 
       Supported by a compelling "theory of change" that explains
       how system change can come to America, the book also 
       presents a vision of political, social, and economic life 
       in a renewed America. Speth envisions a future that will 
       be well worth fighting for. In short, this is a book about
       the American future and the strong possibility that we yet
       have it in ourselves to use our freedom and our democracy 
       in powerful ways to create something fine, a reborn 
       America, for our children and grandchildren"--|cProvided 
       by publisher 
520    "The "New Economy Movement," as Gar Alperovitz described 
       it in The Nation, is an effort to unite the various wings 
       of progressive politics into a coherent set of ideas and 
       programs that will be radically different from the current
       free-market paradigm. The movement arises out of 
       environmentalism: the era of climate change, it asserts, 
       demands a much deeper rethinking of American institutions 
       than much of the political establishment is willing to 
       contemplate. This book, as its title suggests, is the New 
       Economy Movement's manifesto. Gus Speth argues that 
       America faces four problems of such magnitude that any one
       of them could seriously undermine the nation. All four 
       together will almost certainly lead to a crisis, 
       especially since the problems interact with each other. 
       The four problems are: 1. the growth of inequality in our 
       country, which is not only an economic burden but a social
       one, as it is creating classes of people who have little 
       knowledge of or sympathy for each others' lives, and 
       little commitment to addressing the problems of others; 2.
       the increasingly onerous burden of foreign military 
       commitments; 3. climate change; 4. our increasingly 
       polarized and dysfunctional politics. It's the 
       interactions that are the most frightening: how, for 
       instance, will the U.S. respond to sea-level rise in 
       Bangladesh that forces tens of millions of people to flee 
       the coast for higher ground? This would not only create a 
       humanitarian crisis but a diplomatic and military one as 
       well. America, politically paralyzed and economically 
       almost bankrupt, would be called upon to act or cede its 
       strategic supremacy"--|cProvided by publisher 
650  0 Environmental policy|zUnited States 
650  0 Social justice|zUnited States 
650  0 Progressivism (United States politics) 
651  0 United States|xEconomic policy 
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