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245 00 Is nature ever evil? :|breligion, science, and value /
       |cedited by Willem B. Drees 
260    London ;|aNew York :|bRoutledge,|c2003 
300    xv, 341 pages :|billustrations ;|c24 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
490 0  ISSR collection 
490 0  International Society for Science and Religion Collection 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
505 0  |tThis vale of tears-the best of all possible worlds? /
       |rWillem B. Drees 
505 0  PART I. Nature, science and value ; 1.|tCriticizing the 
       cosmos /|rMary Midgley --2.|tResponse to Mary Midgley's 
       'Criticizing the cosmos' /|rSilvia Völker --3.|tMary 
       Midgley on science, nature, metaphysics and ethics: some 
       comments /|rHans Radder --4.|tMind and value: reflections 
       on Max Weber /|rJoachim Leilich --5.|tThe moral relevance 
       of naturalness /|rTatjana Visak --6.|tThe experience of 
       nature: a hermeneutic approach /|rAngela Roothaan --7.
       |tHuman interpretation and animal excellence /|rPeter 
505 0  PART II. Evil evolutionary justified? ; 8.|tNaturalizing 
       and systematizing evil /|rHolmes Rolston, III --9.
       |tCooperation or competition: comments on Rolston /
       |rJacobus J. De Vries --10.|tRolston: a contemporary 
       physico-theologian /|rJozef Keulartz --11.|tAre 
       catastrophes in nature ever evil? /|rJan Smit --12.
       |tContingency and risk: comment on Smit /|rArthur C. 
       Petersen --13.|tNature does not care indeed, but humans do
       : a commentary /|rFred Spier --14.|tLisbon earthquake, 
       1755: a discourse about the 'nature' of nature /|rClaudia 
       Sanides-Kohlrausch --15.|tTragedy versus hope: what future
       in an open universe? /|rArnold Benz --16.|tTragedy versus 
       hope? A theological response /|rEduardo R. Cruz --17.
       |tCosmic fine-tuning, 'many universe' theories and the 
       goodness of life /|rNeil A. Manson 
505 0  PART III. Improving nature via culture and technology? ; 
       18.|tImprovable Nature? /|rJohn Hedley Brooke --19.
       |tVictims of nature cry out /|rLeo P. Ten Kate --20.
       |t'Improvable nature?' Some meta-historical reflections /
       |rHenk G. Geertsema --21.|tIs nature neutral? The concept 
       of health /|rKris Dierickx --22.|tNature good and evil: a 
       theological palette /|rPhilip Hefner --23.|tNature good 
       and evil: a theological evaluation /|rWessel Stoker --24.
       |tThe quest for perfection: insights from Paul Tillich /
       |rEduardo R. Cruz --25.|tNormativity of nature: natural 
       law in a technological life-world /|rMathew 
       Illathuparampil --26.|tExploring technonature with cyborgs
       /|rAnne Kull 
505 0  PART IV. Values as explanation or values explained? ; 27.
       |tTwo forms of explanation /|rKeith Ward --28.|tTwo forms 
       of explanation: a response to Ward /|rMartien E. Brinkman 
       --29.|tTwo forms of explanation: a response to Ward /
       |rRonald Meester --30.|tThe evaluation of natural reality:
       a watertight case? /|rEdwin Koster --31.|t'Ought' in a 
       world that just 'is' /|rLindon B. Eaves --32.|tWhat values
       guide our oughts? /|rAngela Roothaan --33.|tThe normative 
       relevance of disputes in primatology /|rTatjana Visak --
       34.|tEvolutionary views on the biological basis of 
       religion /|rNico M. Van Straalen and Jair Stein --35.|tOn 
       pattern recognition, evolution, epistemology, religion and
       evil /|rMladen Turk 
650  0 Philosophy of nature 
650  0 Nature|xMoral and ethical aspects 
650  0 Science|xMoral and ethical aspects 
650  0 Nature|xReligious aspects|xChristianity 
650  0 Christian ethics 
700 1  Drees, Willem B.,|d1954- 
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