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245 00 Communications in interference limited networks /|cedited 
       by Wolfgang Utschick 
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490 1  Signals and communication technology,|x1860-4862 
505 0  From the Contents: Interference-Aware Analog Computation 
       in Wireless Networks -- Multicast in Networks of Broadcast
       Channels -- Random Medium Access for Multicast in Coded 
       Wireless Packet Networks -- Arbitrarily Varying Channels 
520    This book offers means to handle interference as a central
       problem of operating wireless networks. It investigates 
       centralized and decentralized methods to avoid and handle 
       interference as well as approaches that resolve 
       interference constructively. The latter type of approach 
       tries to solve the joint detection and estimation problem 
       of several data streams that share a common medium. In 
       fact, an exciting insight into the operation of networks 
       is that it may be beneficial, in terms of an overall 
       throughput, to actively create and manage interference. 
       Thus, when handled properly, "mixing" of data in networks 
       becomes a useful tool of operation rather than the 
       nuisance as which it has been treated traditionally. With 
       the development of mobile, robust, ubiquitous, reliable 
       and instantaneous communication being a driving and 
       enabling factor of an information centric economy, the 
       understanding, mitigation and exploitation of interference
       in networks must be seen as a centrally important task 
650  0 Wireless communication systems 
650 14 Engineering 
650 24 Communications Engineering, Networks 
650 24 Information Systems Applications (incl. Internet) 
650 24 Signal, Image and Speech Processing 
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830  0 Signals and communication technology 
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