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書名 The South Atlantic quarterly
出版項 [Durham, N.C. : Duke University Press, etc.]
國際標準書號 082231472X (v.91, no.1)
082236400X (v.92, no.4)
0822364085 (v.93, no.1)
0822364093 (v.93, no.2)
0822364204 (v.93, no.3)
0822364212 (v.93, no.4)
0822364263 (v.94, no.2)
0822364301 (v.94, no.3)
082236428X (v.94, no.4)
0822364344 (v.95, no.1)
0822364352 (v.95, no.2)
0822364417 (v.95, no.3)
0822364409 (v.95, no.4)
0822364417 (v.96, no.1)
0822364441 (v.96, no.2)
0822364514 (v.96, no.3)
0822364557 (v.96, no.4)
0822364565 (v.97, no.1)
0822364603 (v.97, no.2)
0822364611 (v.97, no.3-4)
0822364646 (v.98, no.1-2)
0822364700 (v.98, no.3)
0822364654 (v.98, no.4)
9780822364757 (v.99, no.1)
9780822365020 (v.99, no.2-3)
9780822365273 (v.99, no.4)
9780822365334 (v.100, no.1)
9780822364733 (v.100, no.2)
9780822365235 (v.100, no.3)
9780822365303 (v.100, no.4)
9780822365372 (v.101, no.1)
9780822365402 (v.101, no.2)
9780822365426 (v.101, no.3)
9780822365440 (v.101, no.4)
0822365758 (v.102, no.1)
082236557X (v.102, no.2-3)
0822365839 (v.102, no.4)
0822365553 (v.103, no.1)
9780822365648 (v.103, no.2-3)
9780822366164 (v.104, no.1)
9780822366331 (v.104, no.2)
9780822366379 (v.104, no.3)
9780822366430 (v.104, no.4)
9780822366454 (v.105, no.1)
9780822366546 (v.105, no.2)
9780822366676 (v.105, no.3)
9780822366621 (v.105, no.4)
9780822366935 (v.106, no.1)
9780822366775 (v.106, no.2)
9780822366829 (v.106, no.3)
9780822367000 (v.106, no.4)
9780822366843 (v.107, no.1)
9780822366959 (v.107, no.2)
9780822366881 (v.107, no.3)
9780822367062 (v.107, no.4)
9780822367017 (v.108, no.1)
9780822367031 (v.108, no.2)
9780822367079 (v.108, no.3)
9780822367185 (v.108, no.4)
9780822367017 (v.109, no.1)
9780822367338 (v.109, no.2)
9780822367444 (v.109, no.3)
9780822367468 (v.109, no.4)
國際標準期刊編號 0038-2876
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身份 過期期刊位於近美大樓特藏區-v.110(2011)起當書送編 位於3F西文書刊區 索書號051 So8727 
Lib. Has81(1982),83(1984)-90:2(1991),92(1993)-93(1994),94:3-4(1995)-97:1-2(1998),98(1999)-102(2003),103:4(2004)-117:3(2018)-
最新收到: 十月 2019 v.118 no.4

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 歐美所圖書館特藏區  v.88 no.1-2 1989    館內使用    30500300234260
 歐美所圖書館特藏區  v.88 no.3-4 1989    館內使用    30500300234518
 歐美所圖書館特藏區  v.89 no.1-2 1990    館內使用    30500300410761

v.86, no.4Work in progress at Duke / Oliver W. Fergusonp. [355]-567
v.87, no.1Third World Literary and Cultural Criticism / Fredric Jamesonv, 194 p.
v.87, no.2Placing the plot: novel Perspectivesp. [195]-384
v.87, no.3Postmodernism and japan / Masao Miyoshi, H.D. Harootunianp. [387]-652
v.88, no.1Displacing Homophobia / Ronald R. Butters, John M. Clum, Michael Moon319 p.
v.88, no.2Film and TV Theory Today / Jane Gainesp. [321]-539
v.88, no.3Contemporary Perspectives on Romanticisp. [541]-720
v.88, no.4Rereadings in the Freudian Field / Leigh DeNeefp. [723]-1010
v.89, no.1The Politics of Liberal Education236 p.
v.89, no.2The Fiction of Don DeLillop. [239]-456
v.89, no.3American issues Ip. [457]-662
v.89, no.4American issues IIp. [665]-834
v.90, no.1Converging disciplines at Duke / Annabel Patterson220 p.
v.90, no.2Perestroika: perspectives on modernization / Thomas Lahusen, Gene Kupermanp. [221]-447
v.90, no.3A summer miscellanyp. [449]-632
v.90, no.4Rock & roll and culture / Anthony DeCurtis 
v.91, no.1Writing cultural criticism / Marianna Torgovnick240 p.
v.91, no.2The theater, the firm, and the criticp. [241]-500
v.91, no.3Another special summer miscellanyp. [501]-786
v.91, no.4Commentary as cultural artifactp. [787]-1013
v.92, no.1The world according to Disney / Susan Willis182 p.
v.92, no.2Work in progress at Duke IIp. [185]-415
v.92, no.3Postmodernism: center and periphery / Desiderio Navarrop. 418-558
v.92, no.4Flame wars : the discourse of cyberculture / Mark Deryp. 560-861
v.93, no.1The writings of J. M. Coetzee / Michael Valdez Moses198 p.
v.93, no.2Céline, USA / Alice Kaplan, Philippe Roussinp. 200-543
v.93, no.3Catholic lives, contemporary America / Thomas J. Ferrarop. 546-748
v.93, no.4Materialist feminism / Toril Moi, Janice Radwayp. [749]-955
v.94, no.1Readin' country music: steel guitars, opry stars, and honky tonk bars / Cecelia Tichi370 p.
v.94, no.2Mathematics, science, and postclassical theory / Barbara Herrnstein Smith, Arkady Plotnitsky
v.94, no.3Socialist realism without shores / Thomas Lahusen, Evgeny Dobrenkop. [657]-979
v.94, no.4Nations, identities, cultures / V. Y. Mudimbep. [981]-1206
v.95, no.1Ireland and Irish cultural studies / John Paul Waters278 p.
v.95, no.2Real sports / James T. Fisherp. [279]-569
v.95, no.3Rhetorical and cultural dissolution in romanticism / Thomas Pfau, Rhonda Ray Kercsmarp. [571]-848
v.95, no.4Ethical politics / Vassillis Lambropoulosp. [849]-1139
v.96, no.1Bridging enigma: Cubans on Cuba / Ambrosio Fornetiv, 223 p.
v.96, no.2The Poetics of Derek Walcott: intertextual perspectives / Gregson Davisiv, [154] p.
v.96, no.3A Deleuzian century? / Ian Buchananp. [381]-649
v.96, no.4German dis/continuities / Martin Morrisp. 652-955
v.97, no.1Friendship / Peter Murphyiv, 226 p.
v.97, no.2Psycho-Marxism: Marxism and psychoanalysis late in the Twentieth Century / Robert Miklitschp. [227]-510
v.97, no.3-4Bakhtin/"Bakhtin": studies in the archive and beyond / Peter Hitchcockp. [512]-795
v.98, no.1-2Diaspora and immigration / V.Y. Mudimbe, Sabine Engelv, 330 p.
v.98, no.3Domestic Tragedy / Julie A. Carlsonp. 331-624
v.98, no.4After the garden? / Michael Crozierp. [625]-865
v.99, no.1Harbin and manchuria: place, space, and identity / Thomas Lahuseniv, 272 p.
v.99, no.2-3Mysterious actions: new American drama / Jody McAuliffep. [273]-618
v.99, no.4Millennial Japan: rethinking the nation in the age of recession / / Tomiko Yoda, Harry Harootunianp. [619]-967
v.100, no.1Atlantic genealogies / Ian Baucomiv, 321 p.
v.100, no.2Michel de Certeau: in the plural / Ian Buchananp. [323]-601
v.100, no.3Anglophone literatures and global culture / Susie O'Brien, Imre Szemanp. [603]-854
v.100, no.4Culture and the law / Gaurav Desaip. [855]-1072
v.101, no.1Vicissitudes of theory / Kenneth Suriniv, 244 p.
v.101, no.2Dissent from the homeland: essays after September 11 / Stanley Hauerwas, Frank Lentricchiap. [245]-439
v.101, no.3Medium cool / Andrew McNamara, Peter Krappp. [441]-727
v.101, no.4Enduring enchantments / Saurabh Dubep. [729]-11047
v.102, no.1Afterlives of Romanticism / Ian Baucom, Jennifer Kennedy281 p.
v.102, no.2-3Relocating the fault lines: Turkey beyond the East-West divide / Gen Geldere, Sibel Irzikp. 283-666
v.102, no.4Palestine-America / Mohammed Bamyehp. 667-916
v.103, no.1A general issue including poetry, fiction, criticism, and photo-essays / Frank Lentricchia275 p.
v.103, no.2-3And justice for all?: the claims of human rights / Ian Balfour, Eduardo Cadavap. [277]-588
v.103, no.4p. 589-879
v.104, no.1Music, image, gesture / Bryan Gilliam176 p.
v.104, no.2World orders: confronting Carl Schmitt's the nomos of the earth / William Raschp. [177]-392
v.104, no.3Racial Americana / John L. Jackson Jr.p. [393]-608
v.104, no.4Thinking Politically / Alberto Moreirasp. [609]-794
v.105, no.1Ambushed: the costs of machtpolitik / Dana D. Nelsoniv, 267 p.
v.105, no.2The pleasure principle : sport for the sake of pleasure / David L. Andrewsp. [269]-477 p.
v.105, no.3Double critique: knowledges and scholars at risk in post-Soviet societies / Walter D. Mignola, Madina Tlostanovap. [481]-662
v.105, no.4The last frontier?: the contemporary configuration of the U.S.-Mexico border / Jane Jufferp. [663]-886
v.106, no.1Latin America, in theory / David E. Johnson204 p.
v.106, no.2The late Derrida / Ian Balfourp. [205]-420
v.106, no.3After sex?: on writing since queer theory / Janet Halley, Andrew Parkerp. [421-646]
v.106, no.4Disastrous consequences / Eric Cazdynp. [647]-876
v.107, no.1The Agamben effect / Alison Rossiv, 212 p.
v.107, no.2The rhetoric of safety / Lawrence R. Schehrp. [213]-446
v.107, no.3Killing states / Jennifer L. Saratp. [447]-610
v.107, no.4Settler colonialism / Aloysha Goldstein, Alex Lubin[611]-866 p.
v.108, no.1Home / David A. Ellisoniv, 238 p.
v.108, no.2Intellectual labor / Timothy Brennan, Keya Gangulyp. [239]-418
v.108, no.3Africana thought / Grant Farredp. 419-600
v.108, no.4Academic freedom / Evan Watkinsp. [601]-802
v.109, no.1What's left of the left?: the view from Sudan / Rogaia Mustafa Abusharafvi, 223 p.
v.109, no.2Thinking black intellectuals / Grant Farredp. 226-449
v.109, no.3African modernism / Salah M. Hassanp. [451]-622
v.109, no.4Global christianity, global critique / Matthew Engelke, Joel Robbinsp. [624]-834
說明 v. ; 24 cm
v. 1(Jan. 1902)-
附註 Editors: Jan. 1902-Jan. 1905, J. S. Bassett; Apr. 1905-Jan. 1919, W. H. Glasson (with Edwin Mims, Apr. 1905-July 1909; W. P. Few, Oct. 1909-Jan. 1919); Apr. 1919- W. K. Boyd, W. H. Wannamaker
Humanities index 0095-5981
Abstracts of English studies 0001-3560
America, history and life 0002-7065 1954-
Annual bibliography of English language and literature 0066-3786
Book review index 0524-0581
Historical abstracts. Part A. Modern history abstracts 0363-2717 1954-
Historical abstracts. Part B. Twentieth century abstracts 0363-2725 1954-
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Published at Duke University, 19 -
鏈接 Online version: South Atlantic quarterly (Online) 1527-8026 (DLC)sn 99004903 (OCoLC)42413446
Online version: South Atlantic quarterly (OCoLC)564527575
Alt Author Bassett, John Spencer, 1867-1928
Mims, Edwin, 1872-1959
Glasson, William Henry, 1874-
Few, William Preston, 1867-1940
Boyd, William Kenneth, 1879-1938
Wannamaker, William Hane, 1873-
Duke University
Alt Title South Atl. q
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