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作者 Yeh, Shao-Kuo
書名 Orientations to moral reasoning among men and women leaders of higher education in Taiwan
說明 222 p
附註 Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 54-10, Section: A, page: 3679
Chair: Don G. Creamer
Thesis (Ph.D.)--Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1993
Kohlberg, Gilligan, and Mennuti differed in their explanation of a moral reasoning model in higher moral development levels. This study examined how moral orientations relate to gender, culture, and moral dilemma contexts
Eighteen leaders of higher educational institutes in Taiwan, 9 males and 9 females, were interviewed concerning their real-life moral dilemmas in both their professional life and personal life. Forty-three incidents were generated by the participants in both situations. The principle of full saturation and constant comparative analysis methods were used in sampling, data collection, and analysis. The types of incidents, the conflict focus, the primary considerations, final decisions, and self-evaluation of decisions and consequences in the process of moral reasoning resolution were examined
The findings showed that dilemma situation factors were more important than gender factors in predominant types of conflict focus and types of moral considerations. Eight moral orientation models were identified from the full process of moral reasoning. Most moral orientation models were in combined forms. Single forms were rarely seen and there was only single-justice pattern. Justice focus mixed with either care or self shadow forms, or both, was the most predominant model found, especially in professional situations. Self-focus mixed with other shadow forms was the most predominant model in personal situations. There were slight gender differences in the distribution of moral orientation models. There were almost one third of incidents reasoned in justice, care, and self combinations with five different styles within the eight models
A comparison among the findings in this study with those of Kohlberg, Gilligan, and Mennuti was conducted. The interactions among gender, culture, and dilemma contexts were discussed
School code: 0247
Host Item Dissertation Abstracts International 54-10A
主題 Women's Studies
Education, Administration
Education, Adult and Continuing
Education, Guidance and Counseling
Alt Author Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
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