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245 10 European Congress of Mathematics Stockholm, June 27 – July
       2, 2004|h[electronic resource] /|cAri Laptev 
260 3  Zuerich, Switzerland :|bEuropean Mathematical Society 
       Publishing House,|c2005 
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505 00 |tStructure of Null Sets in the Plane and Applications /
       |rGiovanni Alberti, Marianna Csörnyei, David Preiss --
       |tSome Open Questions about Symplectic 4-manifolds, 
       Singular Plane Curves and Braid Group Factorizations /
       |rDenis Auroux --|tHarmonic Measure on Fractal Sets /|rD. 
       Beliaev, Stanislav Smirnov --|tSingular Approximations to 
       Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation Laws /|rStefano 
       Bianchini --|tRepresentation Theory and Random Point 
       Processes /|rAlexei Borodin, Grigori Olshanski --
       |tStability of Relaxation Models for Conservation Laws /
       |rFrançois Bouchut --|tHyperbolic 3-manifolds and the 
       Geometry of the Curve Complex /|rBrian H. Bowditch --
       |tProof of an Intersection Theorem via Fourier Analysis /
       |rEhud Friedgut --|tNonlinear Schrödinger Equations on 
       Compact Manifolds /|rPatrick Gérard --|tA Probabilistic 
       Approach to Some Problems in von Neumann Algebras /|rAlice
       Guionnet --|tSingular Elements of Affine Kac–Moody Groups 
       /|rStefan Helmke, Peter Slodowy --|tOn the Camassa–Holm 
       and Hunter–Saxton equations /|rHelge Holden --|tMultiple 
       Scales Asymptotics for Atmospheric Flows /|rRupert Klein, 
       Eileen Mikusky, Antony Owinoh --|tProof Complexity /|rJan 
       Krajícek --|tHorizontal Configurations of Points in Link 
       Complements /|rDaan Krammer --|tInvariant Measures for 
       Multiparameter Diagonalizable Algebraic Actions - A Short 
       Survey /|rElon Lindenstrauss --|tPhase Transition 
       Phenomena in Random Discrete Structures /|rTomasz Łuczak -
       -|tSystems Controlled by Rough Paths /|rTerry J. Lyons --
       |tThe Stable Mapping Class Group and Stable Homotopy 
       Theory /|rJørgen Ellegaard Andersen, Michael Weiss --|tA 
       Non-asymptotic Theory for Model Selection /|rPascal 
       Massart --|tReflection, Bernoulli Numbers and the Proof of
       Catalan's Conjecture /|rPreda Mihailescu --|tF-thresholds 
       and Bernstein–Sato Polynomials /|rMircea Mustaţă, Shunsuke
       Takagi, Kei-ichi Watanabe --|tHyperkähler Manifolds and 
       Algebraic Geometry /|rKieran G. O'Grady --|tSumsets /
       |rImre Z. Ruzsa --|tMeasurable Group Theory /|rYehuda 
       Shalom --|tSome Mathematical Problems of Neural Networks 
       Theory /|rM. Shcherbina --|tZeroes of Gaussian Analytic 
       Functions /|rMikhail Sodin --|tPainlevé's Problem, 
       Analytic Capacity and Curvature of Measures /|rXavier 
       Tolsa --|tRegularization Techniques for Singular Source 
       Terms in Differential Equations /|rAnna-Karin Tornberg --
       |tEquilibrium Measures and Polynomials /|rVilmos Totik --
       |tSLE, Conformal Restriction, Loops /|rWendelin Werner --
       |tOn the Integral Points on Certain Algebraic Varieties /
       |rUmberto Zannier --|tSome Problems Related with 
       Holomorphic Functions on Tube Domains over Light Cones /
       |rAline Bonami --|tHyperbolic PDEs, Kinetic Formulation, 
       Geometric Measure Theory /|rYann Brenier --|tRandom 
       Dynamics in Spatially Extended Systems /|rFrank den 
       Hollander --|tAnalysis and Operators 2000-2004 - Four 
       Years of Network Activity /|rJean Esterle --|tAnalysis of 
       the Bottom of the Spectrum of Schrödinger Operators with 
       Magnetic Potentials and Applications /|rBernard Helffer --
       |tMathematical Aspects of Quantum Chaos /|rJ.P. Keating --
       |tThe Research Training Network “Algebraic Combinatorics 
       in Europe” /|rChristian Krattenthaler --|tAlgebras with 
       Involution and Adjoint Groups /|rMarina Monsurrò --
       |tConstructing Algebraic Varieties via Commutative Algebra
       /|rMiles Reid --|tMathematical Problems of Large Quantum 
       Systems /|rRyszard Nest --|tThe Grothendieck-Teichmüller 
       Group and Galois Theory of the Rational Numbers – European
       Network GTEM /|rJakob Stix --|tHydrodynamic Limits /
       |rFrançois Golse --|tMathematical Aspects of Mean Field 
       Spin Glass Theory /|rFrancesco Guerra --|tComplexity 
       Theory, Proofs and Approximation /|rJohan Håstad --
       |tRandom Surfaces Enumerating Algebraic Curves /|rElliott 
       H. Lieb --|tOn Heegaard Diagrams and Holomorphic Disks /
       |rPeter Ozsváth, Zoltán Szabó --|tEmergence of Symmetry: 
       Conformal Invariance in Scaling Limits of Random Systems /
       |rMichael H. Freedman --|tRecent Progresses in Kähler and 
       Complex Algebraic Geometry /|rClaire Voisin --
       |tIsoperimetric Inequalities, Probability Measures and 
       Convex Geometry /|rFranck Barthe --|tSymplectic Topology 
       and Algebraic Families /|rPaul Biran --|tVortices in the 
       Ginzburg-Landau Model of Superconductivity /|rSylvia 
       Serfaty --|tValidated Numerics for Pedestrians /|rWarwick 
       Tucker --|tFrom Classical to Non-commutative Iwasawa 
       Theory: An Introduction to the GL2 Main Conjecture /
       |rOtmar Venjakob 
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520    The European Congress of Mathematics, held every four 
       years, has established itself as a major international 
       mathematical event. Following those in Paris, 1992, 
       Budapest, 1996 and Barcelona, 2000, the Fourth European 
       Congress of Mathematics took place in Stockholm, Sweden, 
       June 27 to July 2, 2004 with 913 participants from 65 
       countries. Apart from seven plenary and thirty three 
       invited lectures, there were six “Science Lectures” 
       covering the most relevant aspects of mathematics in 
       science and technology. Moreover, twelve projects of the 
       EU Research Training Networks in Mathematics and 
       Information Sciences, as well as Programmes from the 
       European Science Foundation in Physical and Engineering 
       Sciences were presented. Ten EMS Prizes were awarded to 
       young European mathematicians who have made a particular 
       contribution to the progress of mathematics. Five of the 
       prize winners were independently chosen by the 4ECM 
       Scientific Committee as plenary or invited speakers. The 
       other five prize winners gave their lectures in parallel 
       sessions. Most of these contributions are now collected in
       this volume, providing a permanent record of so much that 
       is best in mathematics today.  Plenary lectures François 
       Golse (Paris, France) Francesco Guerra (Roma, Italy) Johan
       Håstad (Stockholm, Sweden) Andrei Okounkov (Princeton, 
       USA) Oded Schramm (Microsoft Research, USA) Zoltán Szabó 
       (Princeton, USA) Claire Voisin (Paris, France)  Invited 
       Lectures Giovanni Alberti (Pisa, Italy) Denis Auroux (MIT,
       USA and Palaiseau, France) Stefano Bianchini (Rome, Italy)
       François Bouchut (Paris, France) Brian Bowditch 
       (Southampton, UK) Ehud Friedgut (Jerusalem, Israel) 
       Patrick Gérard (Orsay, France) Alice Guionnet (Lyon, 
       France) Stefan Helmke (Kyoto, Japan) Helge Holden 
       (Trondheim, Norway) Rupert Klein (Berlin, Germany) Jan 
       Krajícek (Prague, Czech Republic) Daan Krammer (Warwick, 
       UK) Elon Lindenstrauss (Clay Mathematics Institute, USA) 
650 07 Mathematics|2bicssc 
700 1  Laptev, Ari,|eeditor 
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