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245 04 The sava river /|cedited by Radmila Milacic, Janez Scancar,
       Momir Paunovic 
264  1 Berlin, Heidelberg :|bSpringer Berlin Heidelberg :
       |bImprint: Springer,|c2015 
300    1 online resource (xiv, 506 pages) :|billustrations (some 
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490 1  The handbook of environmental chemistry,|x1867-979X ;
       |vvolume 31 
505 0  Transboundary water cooperation for sustainable 
       development of the Sava River Basin -- Climate change 
       impact on flood hazard in the Sava River Basin.-- Climate 
       projections for the Sava River Basin -- Integrated 
       approach to the evaluation of chemical dynamics and 
       anthropogenic pollution sources in the Sava River Basin --
       Elements and persistent organic pollutants in the 
       sediments of the Sava River -- Metal bioavailability in 
       the Sava River water -- Potentiometric determination of 
       anionic and nonionic surfactants in surface waters and 
       wastewaters -- Ecotoxicological characterization of the 
       Sava River biomarker responses and biological assays.-
       Microbial characterization of the Sava River -- Algal 
       communities along the Sava River -- Aquatic and wetland 
       vegetation along the Sava River -- Zooplankton community 
       along the Sava River -- Aquatic macroinvertebrates of the 
       Sava River -- Ichthyofauna of the River Sava System -- 
       Fauna of the Riparian Ecosystems Amphibians, Reptiles, 
       Birds and Mammals -- Genotoxicological studies of lower 
       stretch of the Sava River -- Indicative status assessment,
       biodiversity conservation and protected areas within the 
       Sava River Basin 
520    This volume provides a comprehensive overview of 
       environmental aspects of the Sava River, which is the 
       greatest tributary to the Danube River and the major 
       drainage river system of South Eastern Europe. 
       Hydroelectric power plants, river traffic, intensive 
       agricultural activities, heavy industry and floods have 
       considerable influence on the environment and biota in the
       basin. Summarizing the results that were gathered in the 
       course of EU, bilateral and national projects, the book 
       highlights the most important stressors and helps readers 
       to better understand the impact of anthropogenic 
       activities on the function of river basins. Topics include
       : transboundary water cooperation between the riparian 
       countries; climate change projection, including its impact
       on flood hazards; evaluation of anthropogenic pollution 
       sources; pollution of sediments, metal bioavailability and
       ecotoxicological and microbiological characterization of 
       the river. The biological part also addresses quality 
       aspects related to wildlife in river aquatic ecosystems 
       (algae, macrophytes, zooplankton, macroinvertebrates and 
       fish) and riparian ecosystems (amphibians, reptiles, birds
       and mammals). The general state of biodiversity and 
       pressures caused by invasive aquatic species are also 
590    Springer 
650  0 Stream ecology|zSava River 
650  0 Environmental chemistry 
650 14 Environment 
650 24 Environmental Chemistry 
650 24 Water Quality/Water Pollution 
650 24 Geochemistry 
650 24 Analytical Chemistry 
700 1  Milacic, Radmila,|eeditor 
700 1  Scancar, Janez,|eeditor 
700 1  Paunovic, Momir,|eeditor 
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830  0 The handbook of environmental chemistry ;|vvolume 31 
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