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100 1  Pharkute, Suhas S 
245 10 Low bandwidth web based application platform using 
       asynchronous Java script variables (AJAV) 
300    131 p 
500    Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 67-
       03, Section: B, page: 1615 
502    Thesis (Ph.D.)--Idaho State University, 2006 
520    In this dissertation, a low bandwidth independent 
       infrastructure is developed and investigated. The 
       developed AJAV program serves as web based application 
       platform, which provides additional benefits like, browser
       and operating system software independence. The main 
       contributions of the dissertation are (1) It uses the 
       existing network facilities and hence does not need any 
       extra physical infrastructure. This feature is especially 
       useful in rural areas where high-speed connectivity is 
       still a challenge. AJAV works great with 56k POTS, that 
       provides an alternative solution. (2) It cuts down the 
       basic data transfer and hence improves the efficiency of 
       the low bandwidth connectivity. This feature is in favor 
       of high bandwidth connection and thus the solution works 
       the best for the overall connectivity spectrum. (3) The 
       developed application is fully object oriented and can be 
       inherited for the addition of more functionality as 
       needed. The basic connectivity and data transfer protocols
       are provided and some of the general userability functions
       are inbuilt. (4) The developed application provides a 
       basic platformand developer can build their own 
       applications using the services provided by the platform. 
       (5) Comparing with the existing optimal solution in the 
       market, AJAV has proven to provide at least 50 percentage 
       or better for data transfer quantity reduction. (6) One 
       application is autism database, where the parents/
       providers/patients can login to the password protected 
       website to fill the survey questionnaire. The platform 
       provides easy usage of the system for physically 
       challenged individuals which otherwise can slow down the 
       process and loose the user interest. (7) Information 
       Management System is a fully developed AJAV based CRM 
       system. It is assisted by partially fulfilled ERP 
       functions, which supports variety of services in single 
       package for small-scale business 
590    School code: 0320 
590    DDC 
650  4 Engineering, Electronics and Electrical 
650  4 Computer Science 
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710 20 Idaho State University 
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