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100 1  Jansen, Colleen Benita 
245 10 Educational, political, and economic context of language: 
       South African Coloureds in transition 
300    275 p 
500    Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 57-
       06, Section: A, page: 2428 
502    Thesis (Ph.D.)--State University of New York at Buffalo, 
520    Under the supervision of Professor Lynn Ilon, at the 
       University at Buffalo, this dissertation investigated the 
       shift in home and/or school language amongst the Coloureds
       in Cape Town, South Africa 
520    The Republic pulled off a miracle, when in May, 1994, a 
       majority-led government assumed the myriad 
       responsibilities of the country, including those of 
       discrimination, poverty, violence and an ailing economy. 
       The strategy was to lead by example, to build consensus 
       among groups, differing in race, socio-economic status and
520    This dissertation investigated the shift in home and/or 
       school language, from Afrikaans the traditional language 
       of the Coloureds, to English. The methodological tools of 
       questionnaires and interviews were utilized in gathering 
       the data from school age children in grades one through 
       twelve and their parents 
520    The main findings revealed that the shift in language 
       amongst Coloureds was complex and highly contextualised in
       terms of history, politics, social status, culture and 
       economics. Moreover, the findings revealed that Coloureds 
       embrace education and its attendant advantages. They 
       perceive the advantages are greater when education is 
       completed through the medium of English. This finding cuts
       across income levels 
520    Marginalized as a group under the former, Nationalist rule,
       Coloureds set about changing an essential element that 
       defined them as a group. Starting as a trickle in the 
       early sixties, the shift in home and/or school language, 
       has become, in the 1990s, a deluge as more parents demand 
       that their children be educated in English. Increasingly 
       Coloureds are shifting from having Afrikaans as home 
       language, to English, in an attempt to position themselves
       to reap the perceived social cultural and economic rewards
       of being English speaking 
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650  4 Anthropology, Cultural 
650  4 History, African 
650  4 Education, Sociology of 
650  4 Sociology, Ethnic and Racial Studies 
650  4 Language, General 
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710 20 State University of New York at Buffalo 
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