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245 10 Motherhood and war|h[electronic resource] :|binternational
       perspectives /|cEdited by Dana Cooper, Claire Phelan 
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505 0  Prologue: Mother  Amitabh Vikram Dwivedi  1. Introduction:
       The Shenandoah Doctrine: Sons, Soldiers, and Service to 
       the Nation Dana Cooper  2. Mothers, Warfare, and Captivity
       in the Eastern Woodlands of North America, 1607-1763  John
       Navin  3. Sailing Sons: The Personal Consequences of 
       Impressment  Claire Phelan  4. Las Madres Guerreras: 
       Testimonial Writing on Militant Motherhood in Latin 
       America Tracey Crowe Morey and Cristina Santos  5. The 
       Women's Resistence Movement in Argentina: Las Madres de 
       Plaza de Mayo Elena Shabliy  6. Japanese Mothers and Rural
       Settlement in Wartime Manchukuo: Gendered Reflections of 
       Labor and Productivity in Manshu Gurafu [Manchuria Graph],
       1936-1943 Annika Culver  7. Dear Okasan...: An Analysis of
       Farewell Letters from Kamikaze Pilots to their Mothers 
       Salvador Jimenez Murguia and Benjamin A. Peters  8. Social
       Trauma and Motherhood in Postwar Spain Lorraine Ryan  9. 
       Barbara Hepworth and War: Themes of Motherhood and 
       Sacrifice in Hepworth's Madonna And Child, St. Ives Parish
       Church Lyrica Taylor  10. War [De]Legitimizers: Israeli 
       Military Mothers Udi Lebel  11. Reproducing a Culture of 
       Martyrdom: The Role of the Palestinian Mother in Discourse
       Construction, Transmission and Legitimization Michael 
       Loadenthal  12. Motherhood as a Space of Political 
       Activism: Iraqi Mothers and the Religious Narrative of 
       Karbala Fatin Shabbar  13. Motherhood and Somali 'Civil' 
       War: The Experiences of Anguish and Opportunities Mohamed 
       Haji Ingiriis  14. Conclusion: Grieving U.S. Mothers And 
       The Political Representations Of Protest During The Iraq 
       War And Beyond Francis Shor 
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520    Traditional histories of war have typically explored 
       masculine narratives of military and political action, 
       leaving private, domestic life relatively unstudied. This 
       volume expands our understanding by looking at the 
       relationships between mothers and children, and the varied
       roles both have assumed during periods of armed conflict.
       |bTraditional histories of war have focused overwhelmingly
       on masculine narratives of military action, diplomacy, and
       political maneuvering, leaving the 'home front' and 
       private, domestic life relatively unstudied. This volume 
       expands our understanding of wartime experiences by 
       looking at the complex relationships between mothers and 
       children and the varied roles both have assumed during 
       periods of armed conflict. In contexts ranging from the 
       Sandinista uprising and contemporary Middle Eastern 
       conflicts to World War II-era Japan, each chapter explores
       how women have coped during times of great uncertainty, 
       navigating social boundaries, balancing national and 
       familial commitments, and enduring the injury or even 
       death of their children 
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545 0  Dana Cooper is Associate Professor of History at Stephen 
       F. Austin State University, USA. Her most recent works 
       include an edited volume, Transatlantic Relations and 
       Modern Diplomacy: An Interdisciplinary Examination (2013) 
       and Informal Ambassadors: American Women, Transatlantic 
       Marriages, and Anglo-American Relations, 1865-1945 (2014).
       Claire Phelan is an Assistant Professor of History at the 
       University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, USA. She has received a 
       number of awards including a Nokia Research Award in 
       Women's History, a Cuffee Memorial Fellowship, a Greenwich
       Maritime Museum Research Fellowship, and a Walsh 
       Foundation Fellowship 
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