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245 00 U.S. doctorates in mathematics education :|h[electronic 
       resource] |bdeveloping stewards of the discipline /
       |cRobert E. Reys, John A. Dossey, editors 
246 3  US doctorates in mathematics education 
260    Providence, R.I. :|bAmerican Mathematical Society ;
       |aWashington, D.C. :|bIn cooperation wtih Mathematical 
       Association of America,|cc2008 
300    1 online resource (xiii, 271 p. : ill.) 
490 0  CBMS Issues in Mathematics Education, |x1047-398X (print);
       |x2380-5684 (online); |vv. 15 
504    Includes bibliographical references (p. 261-271) 
505 00 |t1. Doctoral production in mathematics education in the 
       United States: 1960-2005 /|rRobert Reys, Robert Glasgow, 
       Dawn Teuscher and Nevels Nevels --|u
       Doctoral programs in mathematics education in the United 
       States: 2007 status report /|rRobert Reys, Robert Glasgow,
       Dawn Teuscher and Nevels Nevels --|u
       Report of a 2007 survey of U. S. doctoral students in 
       mathematics education /|rDawn Teuscher, Nevels Nevels and 
       Catherine Ulrich --|u|uhttp:/
       /|t4. Creating a broader 
       vision of doctoral education: Lessons from the Carnegie 
       Initiative on the Doctorate /|rChris Golde --|uhttp://|u
       015/04|t5. What core knowledge do doctoral students in 
       mathematics education need to know? /|rJoan Ferrini-Mundy 
       10.1090/cbmath/015/05|t6. The mathematical education of 
       doctorates in mathematics education /|rDaniel Chazan and 
       W. Lewis --|u|uhttp://|t7. Curriculum as core 
       knowledge /|rRose Zbiek and Christian Hirsch --|uhttp://|u
       015/07|t8. Making policy issues visible in the doctoral 
       preparation of mathematics educators /|rEdward Silver and 
       Erica Walker --|u|uhttp://|t9. Preparing teachers in
       mathematics education doctoral programs: Tensions and 
       strategies /|rPatricia Wilson and Megan Franke --|uhttp://|u
       015/09|t10. Doctoral programs in mathematics education: 
       Diversity and equity /|rEdd Taylor and Richard Kitchen --
       /cbmath/015/10|t11. Using technology in teaching and 
       learning mathematics: What should doctoral students in 
       mathematics education know? /|rM. Heid and Hollylynne Lee 
       10.1090/cbmath/015/11|t12. Program delivery issues, 
       opportunities, and challenges /|rDenise Mewborn --|uhttp:/
       015/12|t13. Doctoral preparation of researchers /|rJames 
       Middleton and Barbara Dougherty --|u
       Key components of mathematics education doctoral programs 
       in the United States: Current practices and suggestions 
       for improvement /|rWilliam Bush and Enrique Galindo --
       /cbmath/015/14|t15. On-line delivery graduate courses in 
       mathematics education /|rMaurice Burke and Vena Long --
       /cbmath/015/15|t16. Mathematics education doctoral 
       programs: Approaches to part-time students /|rGladis 
       Kersaint and Gerald Goldin --|u
       Induction of doctoral graduates in mathematics education 
       into the profession /|rBarbara Reys, Gwendolyn Lloyd and 
       Matthew Winsor --|u|uhttp://|t18. Doctoral programs in
       mathematics education: An international perspective /
       |rJeremy Kilpatrick --|u
       |u|t19. Doctoral 
       studies in mathematics education: Unique features of 
       Brazilian programs /|rBeatriz D'ambrosio --|uhttp://|u
       015/19|t20. Nordic doctoral programs in didactics of 
       mathematics /|rBarbro Grevholm --|u
       Japanese doctoral programs in mathematics education: 
       Academic or professional /|rMasataka Koyama --|uhttp://|u
       015/21|t22. Post-graduate study program in mathematics 
       education at the University of Granada (Spain) /|rLuis 
       Rico, Antonio Fernández-Cano, Encarnación Castro and 
       Manuel Torralbo --|u|uhttp://|t23. Accreditation of 
       doctoral programs: A lack of consensus /|rGlenda Lappan, 
       Jill Newton and Dawn Teuscher --|u
       Preparing the next generation of mathematics educators: An
       assistant professor's experience /|rAndrew Tyminski --
       /cbmath/015/24|t25. Mathematics content for elementary 
       mathematics education graduate students: Overcoming the 
       prerequisites hurdle /|rDavid Kirshner and Thomas Ricks --
       /cbmath/015/25|t26. Intellectual communities: Promoting 
       collaboration within and across doctoral programs in 
       mathematics education /|rDawn Teuscher, Anne Marshall, 
       Jill Newton and Catherine Ulrich --|u
       Reflecting on the conference and looking toward the future
       /|rJames Hiebert, Diana Lambdin and Steve Williams --
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533    Electronic reproduction.|bProvidence, Rhode Island :
       |cAmerican Mathematical Society.|d2012 
538    Mode of access : World Wide Web 
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650  0 Mathematics|xStudy and teaching|zUnited States 
650  0 Doctor of mathematics degree|zUnited States 
650  0 Doctor of education degree|zUnited States 
700 1  Reys, Robert E 
700 1  Dossey, John A 
776 0  |iPrint version: |tU.S. doctorates in mathematics 
       education :|w(DLC)   2008017013|x1047-398X|z9780821845844 
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