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245 00 Asian American librarians and library services :|bactivism,
       collaborations, and strategies /|cedited by Janet Hyunju 
       Clarke, Raymond Pun, Monnee Tong ; foreword by Clara M. 
264  1 Lanham :|bRowman & Littlefield,|c[2018] 
264  4 |c©2018 
300    xviii, 396 pages :|billustrations ;|c23 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
505 0  Part I. Collections, exhibits and resources ;1.|tAn 
       overview of Asian American literary history /|rJanet 
       Hyunju Clarke --2.|tDiversity in children's books: 
       interview with Dr. Sarah Park Dahlen --3.|tWe need diverse
       librarians and libraries: the Asian/Pacific American 
       Librarians Association's past, present, and future /
       |rMichelle J. Lee --4.|tFrom birth to maturity: the 
       Chinese American Librarians Association /|rSai Deng --5.
       |tAsian American Law Librarians Caucus: a jewel in the 
       crown /|rAlex Xiaomeng Zhang --6.|tFinding the Asian 
       American in American dance /|rArlene Yu --7.|tSouth Asian 
       American Digital Archive (SAADA): interview with Samip 
       Mallick --8.|tDigitizing Asian American collections: 
       interview with Giao Luong Baker --9.|tInknography: a 
       digital oral history collection of tattooed Asian 
       Americans challenging the model minority stereotype /
       |rJessea Kanoelani-Ramos Young --10.|tOn executive order 
       9066: the Japanese American voices from the inside 
       exhibition at Fresno State: interview with Tammy Lau and 
       Julie Renee Moore --11.|tUnsettled/resettled: Seattle's 
       Hunt Hotel travel exhibit: interview with Azusa Tanaka --
       12.|tEngagement and outreach: the South Asian Oral History
       Project at the University of Washington Libraries /|rDeepa
       Banerjee --13.|tBuilding the Vietnamese language 
       collection at CSU Fullerton: interview with Moon Kim 
505 0  Part II. Services, outreach and programming ; 14.
       |tInformation as praxis : collaborative strategies between
       campus and community /|rTodd Honma --15.|tAsian American 
       studies and the Association of Chinese Teachers meet the 
       public library: a multi-community approach to planning 
       APIA programs /|rJerry Dear --16.|tTalk story: sharing 
       stories, sharing culture to create a family literacy 
       program /|rLessa Kanani'opua Pelayo-Lozada --17.|tDai Dai 
       Xiang Chuan: bridging generations, a bag at a time, a 
       program that celebrates APA heritage /|rDora Ho --18.
       |tServing our communities: interview with Lynn Nguyen --
       19.|tHow differing perceptions of librarianship in Asia 
       and other factors impact Asian students' expectations of 
       law librarians in America /|rAvery Le --20.|tSupporting 
       Southeast Asian student success program at California 
       State University, Fresno: a librarian's involvement and 
       collaboration /|rHiromi Kubo -- 21.|tExpectations, 
       skepticism and language barrier: a brief journey /|rAnna 
       Yang --22.|tSupporting Asian American studies: interview 
       with Sine Hwang Jensen --23.|tExpatriate Japanese families
       as library users : a case study in a college-town 
       community in the United States /|rRyuta Komaki, Fukuji 
       Imai and Yukinori Okabe --24.|tAn Asian American 
       librarian's experience on the institutional repository /
       |rTiewei Liu --25.|tRethinking academic library support 
       for students from South Korea: experiences from a public 
       college /|rKathryn Johns-Masten and Tina Chan --26.
       |tInternational outreach librarianship: interview with 
       John Hickok  
505 0  Part III. Leadership experiences and perspectives ; 27.
       |tAgainst the odds : reflections on Asian American 
       identity and multicultural, shared leadership in academic 
       libraries /|rAdriene Lim --28.|tRecruiting a diverse LIS 
       workforce: interview with Cynthia del Rosario /|rJanet 
       Hyunju Clarke --29.|tMinnesota Institute for Early Career 
       Librarians: cultivating APA library leaders through 
       reflection and peer mentorship /|rSimon Lee, Cynthia Mari 
       Orozco and Michael Qiu --30.|tLibrary administrative and 
       leadership preparation: an Asian American perspective /
       |rBinh P. Le --31.|tGoing beyond the bamboo ceiling : 
       issues and challenges for Asian Pacific American patrons 
       and librarians /|rLisa Chow and Sandra Sajonas --32.|tOn 
       being a Hmong American librarian: interview with Vang Vang
       --33.|tA career in leadership: interview with Haipeng Li -
       -34.|tDoing the work you want your library work to do: 
       reflections of an academic librarian /|rGerardo "Gary" 
       Colmenar --35.|tThe imperative to nurture diversity: 
       interview with Miriam Tuliao --36.|tCreating an 
       infrastructure for diversity throughout the organization: 
       interview with Sandy Wee --37.|tIt's all in the family: 
       interview with Regina Gong and Dao Rong Gong --38.
       |tChinese American librarian leadership: interview with 
       Dr. Lian Ruan --39.|tMinority among minorities: a Japanese
       librarian at a Historically Black College or University /
       |rChieko Sato Hutchison and Elizabeth Jean Brumfield --40.
       |tImpactful leadership: interview with Xuemao Wang --41.
       |tLeadership perspectives from Mexico: interview with Dr. 
       Jesus Lau --42.|tMentoring APA library leaders : interview
       with Patricia "Patty" Wong -- 43.|tThe life and legacy of 
       Dr. Lois Mai Chan in the LIS Field: interview with Raymond
       Pun and Monnee Tong /|rJanet Hyunju Clarke 
520    "What are the library services and resources that Asian 
       Pacific Americans need? What does it mean to be an Asian 
       Pacific American librarian in the 21st century? In [this 
       book], library professionals and scholars share 
       reflections, best practices, and strategies, and convey 
       the critical need for diversity in the LIS field, library 
       programming, and resources to better reflect the rich and 
       varied experiences and information needs of Asian 
       Americans in the US and beyond. The contributors show that
       they care deeply about diversity, that they acknowledge 
       that it is painfully lacking in so many aspects of 
       libraries and librarianship, and that libraries and the 
       LIS profession must systematically integrate diversity and
       inclusion into their strategic priorities and practices, 
       indeed, in their very mission, such that the rich 
       diversity of experiences and histories of Asian Americans 
       in library and archival collections, services, and 
       programming are not only validated and recognized, but 
       also valued and celebrated as vital components of the 
       shared American experience. The volume recognizes and 
       honors the creative and intentional work librarians do for
       their constituent Asian American communities in promoting 
       resources, services, and outreach."--|cBack cover 
650  0 Asian American librarians 
650  0 Pacific Islander American librarians 
650  0 Asian Americans and libraries 
700 1  Clarke, Janet Hyunju,|d1963-|eeditor 
700 1  Pun, Raymond,|d1985-|eeditor 
700 1  Tong, Monnee,|d1983-|eeditor 
776 08 |iOnline version:|tAsian American librarians and library 
       services|dLanham : Rowman & Littlefield, [2018]
       |z9781442274938|w(DLC)  2017059354 
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