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100 1  Arsenault, Raymonde 
245 10 Living in transition: Articulating the in-between 
300    74 p 
500    Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 43-02, 
       page: 0337 
500    Adviser: Christine Macy 
502    Thesis (M.Arch.)--Dalhousie University (Canada), 2004 
520    This thesis addresses the social and architectural issues 
       of homelessness. More specifically, it deals with mothers 
       who are largely disadvantaged, in personal distress, often
       dependent on alcohol or drugs, victims of substance abuse 
       and homeless (i.e. who would otherwise be in shelters or 
       living from place to place: friends, relatives, 
       potentially abusive or dangerous partners, etc). This 
       particular project deals with low to medium risk homeless 
       mothers who are making a transition from supported living 
       to independent and permanent housing in the city of 
       Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 
520    The goal is to provide them with a safe, supportive and 
       sometimes supervised environment where these mothers and 
       their children can recover, stabilize their lifestyles, 
       develop life and employment skills and to improve the 
       reintegration of these mothers into the community in order
       to achieve independence within the community 
520    The thesis question and architectural response will 
       therefore involve a form of supportive, social housing and
       community development through an urban scheme. The 
       architectural design will explore the redefinition of 
       'home' in a building type that would typically be 
       considered to be 'institutional', the relationships 
       between all realms (i.e. the private, public and semi-
       public, as well as between the individual, the mother and 
       child, the household, etc.) and the idea of 'urban 
590    School code: 0328 
590    DDC 
650  4 Architecture 
650  4 Sociology, Public and Social Welfare 
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710 20 Dalhousie University (Canada) 
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