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245 10 Seafloor observatories :|ba new vision of the Earth from 
       the abyss /|cby Paolo Favali, Laura Beranzoli, Angelo De 
264  1 Berlin, Heidelberg :|bSpringer Berlin Heidelberg :
       |bImprint: Springer,|c2015 
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490 1  Springer-Praxis books in geophysical sciences 
520    The oceans cover 70% of the terrestrial surface, and exert
       a pervasive influence on the Earth's environment but their
       nature is poorly recognized. Knowing the ocean's role 
       deeply and understanding the complex, physical, biological,
       chemical and geological systems operating within it 
       represent a major challenge to scientists today. Seafloor 
       observatories offer scientists new opportunites to study 
       multiple, interrelated natural phenomena over time scales 
       ranging from seconds to decades, from episodic to global 
       and long-term processes. Seafloor Observatories addresses 
       the important and apparently simple question, "How can 
       continuous and reliable monitoring at the seafloor by 
       means of Seafloor Observatories extend exploration and 
       improve knowledge of our planet?" The book leads the 
       reader through the present scientific challenges to be 
       addressed with seafloor observatories; the technical 
       solutions for their architecture; an excursus on worldwide
       ongoing projects and programmes. some relevant scientific 
       multidisciplinary results; and a presentation of new and 
       interesting long-term perspectives for the coming years. 
       Scientific results from seafloor observatories will yield 
       significant improvements and exert a strong impact not 
       only on current knowledge of our Planet but also on human 
       life evolution 
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