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245 00 Health literacy and child health outcomes :|bpromoting 
       effective health communication strategies to improve 
       quality of care /|cedited by Rosina Avila Connelly, Teri 
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490 1  SpringerBriefs in public health,|x2192-3698 
505 0  I. Introduction to Health Literacy and Health 
       Communication -- II. Health Literacy and Child Health 
       Outcomes: From the Perinatal and Birth Period to Young 
       Adulthood -- III. Health Literacy Universal Precautions: 
       Strategies for Communication With All Patients -- IV. 
       Health Literacy and Effective Health Communication in 
       Pediatric Practices and Health Systems -- V. Health 
       Literacy and Medical Education -- VI. Health Literacy and 
       Child Health, From Research to Policy Implications 
520    This compact resource presents current data on health 
       literacy as it affects child health outcomes, with a sharp
       focus on improving communication between healthcare 
       providers and pediatric patients and their families. A 
       frequently overlooked social determinant of health in 
       children, health literacy is shown as a critical skill for
       patients and families and a key aspect of patient 
       engagement. The authors' evidence-based survey pinpoints 
       common problems in healthcare providers' verbal and 
       written communication with pediatric patients, their 
       parents, and/or caregivers. Readers will learn about 
       practical health literacy strategies for addressing and 
       preventing miscommunication at the individual and systems 
       levels. These improvements are linked to immediate results
       (e.g., greater compliance, fewer medication errors) as 
       well as improved long-term child health outcomes, 
       including reduced health disparities and enhanced quality 
       of life into adulthood. This transformative guide: Defines
       optimum health communication as necessary for working with
       all patients. Identifies common barriers to clear health 
       communication. Traces the relationship between health 
       literacy and child health outcomes, from the prenatal 
       period and into young adulthood. Offers guidelines for 
       creating effective patient education materials and a safe,
       health literacy oriented patient-centered environment. 
       Integrates health literacy into health systems' quality 
       improvement plans. Health Literacy and Child Health 
       Outcomes informs students in MPH programs as well as 
       public health scientists and scholars, and can also serve 
       as an introductory text for students in public health 
       ethics or a general applied ethics course. Public health 
       professionals in diverse contexts such as local health 
       departments and nonprofit organizations will appreciate 
       its robust approach to ethical practice, professional 
       development, and systems improvement. This will be a 
       helpful guide for introducing health communication topics 
       in medical education and allied health. Lastly, clinicians
       taking care of pediatric patients will find concise 
       information and practical advice to apply in the clinical 
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