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作者 Derksen, Jeffery Allen
書名 Globalism and the role of the cultural: Nation, "multiculturalism," and articulated locals
國際標準書號 9780612547742
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說明 289 p
附註 Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 61-12, Section: A, page: 4760
Advisers: Fred Woh; Charles Acland
Thesis (Ph.D.)--University of Calgary (Canada), 2000
This dissertation outlines the relationship between culture and globalization by using the circulation and rearticulations of national cultures as a base. Accordingly I begin by identifying two paradigms for the role and place of culture within theories of globalization. One limits the cultural to a resistant role that blocks globalization's homogenizing effect at the local. The second, interlocked paradigm is economistic and places these local and national sites in a reflective role of globalism. After an overview of the relationship of the cultural and the social, I define a poetics of articulation which is able to examine the links between globalization, national cultures, and local sites and cultural formations without reducing culture to a representational mode or conceptualizing of the cultural as reflective of the social and economic structures of globalization
Secondly, I analyze "multiculturalism" as both a national and extra-national discursive site to be understood within the processes of globalization and the world system as well at the levels of national policy, national identity and cultural production. After a synthesis of Canadian multicultural policies and critiques, and engaging with theories of siteless multiculturalism, I turn to the poetry and visual art from ethnic and racialized artists. This cultural production rearticulates the logics of multiculturalism while challenging its discursive effect of materializing a particularized subject into a national identity via a politics of recognition
Finally, to examine closely the tension between a national cultural framework and the new relations of the cultural, the economic and the social within globalization, I read the language writers (an American avant-garde formation) based on the alignment of their critical reception and their self-definitions. I approach this cultural formation as a site at the intersection of the definitions of the role of the avant garde (and neo-avant garde) in globalization, the struggle between institutional and noninstitutional functions of poetry within the cultural, and as a site which has been understood primarily in a national framework despite their transnational articulations to other cultural formations and the address to globalization and the world system in their texts
School code: 0026
Host Item Dissertation Abstracts International 61-12A
主題 Literature, Comparative
Anthropology, Cultural
Sociology, Ethnic and Racial Studies
Literature, Modern
Alt Author University of Calgary (Canada)
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