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100 1  Glaspie, Calvin Farrell 
245 10 Herbicide and soil considerations in weed control in 
300    73 p 
500    Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 49-01, 
       page: 0224 
500    Adviser: Wesley Everman 
502    Thesis (M.S.)--Michigan State University, 2010 
520    The effect of soil clay content, organic matter content, 
       and pH on flumioxazin efficacy was evaluated using a 
       greenhouse bio-assay. Clay content was not found to affect
       the control of any weed species tested. Control of weed 
       species decreased as soil organic matter content increased
       reducing initial and residual control. When soil pH was 
       below 6, initial weed control was reduced with 
       flumioxazin. However, soils with a pH of 7 had a greater 
       effect on the residual control with flumioxazin 
520    Field trials were conducted at the Montcalm Research Farm 
       near Entrican, MI in 2008 and 2009 to evaluate the effect 
       of herbicides labeled for potatoes on three cultivars of 
       potato mini-tubers. Imazosulfuron and treatments 
       containing postemergence applications of rimsulfuron with 
       or without metribuzin following preemergence applications 
       of S-metolachlor plus linuron reduced yields in 2008 and 
       2009. In 2009, treatments of dimethenamid-p, S -
       metolachlor, pyrasulfatole, and pendimethalin alone 
       reduced yields. Results from this study indicate greater 
       yield losses occur when multiple stress factors are 
       present. Several herbicides were observed to be safe when 
       applied preemergence including linuron, metribuzin, and 
590    School code: 0128 
650  4 Agriculture, Agronomy 
650  4 Agriculture, Horticulture 
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710 2  Michigan State University 
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