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100 1  Goudy, Kurt Patrick 
245 10 Congress Must Eliminate Punitive Damages From Patent 
       Infringement Cases: Awarding Punitive Damages For Willful 
       Patent Infringement Is Unconstitutional, Contradicts 
       Public Policy, And Must Be Stopped 
300    178 p 
500    Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 49-03, 
       page: 1575 
500    Adviser: Martin J. Adelman 
502    Thesis (LL.M.)--The George Washington University, 2010 
520    Congress must act now to eliminate punitive damages from 
       patent infringement cases.  Absent legislative action, the
       judicially imposed doctrine of willful patent infringement
       will continue to erode the Patent Clause.  The Federal 
       Circuit refuses to recognize the remedial purpose of 
       increasing patent damages.  In the wake of congressional 
       silence, the judiciary fabricated a means to punish an 
       infringer who is objectively reckless in his/her 
       infringing action.   Patent infringement is a strict 
       liability tort.  There is no culpability standard.   The 
       proper key to unlock enhanced damages is not to punish the
       wrongdoer.  Instead, it is to ensure the patentee  is 
       adequately compensated for the infringement.  This is the 
       public policy behind enhancing patent damages.  Yet, the 
       Federal Circuit's willfulness doctrine contradicts public 
       policy, avoids public debate, and creates uncertainty in 
       the patent laws.  Public policy demands certainty in the 
       laws that shape our society.  Congress must act now to 
       stop the uncertainty surrounding willful patent 
       infringement. Congress must overturn the Federal Circuit's
       objective recklessness standard by eliminating the 
       enhancement damages provision in section 284.   Without 
       congressional action, the Federal Circuit will continue to
       unconstitutionally impose punitive damages 
590    School code: 0075 
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650  4 Intellectual Property 
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710 2  The George Washington University.|bIntellectual Property 
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