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111 2  LSR (Conference)|n(2nd :|d2016 :|cLondon, England) 
245 10 Love and sex with robots :|bsecond International 
       Conference, LSR 2016, London, UK, December 19-20, 2016 : 
       revised selected papers /|cedited by Adrian David Cheok, 
       Kate Devlin, David Levy 
246 3  LSR 2016 
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490 1  Lecture notes in computer science,|x0302-9743 ;|v10237 
505 0  Sex Robots from the Perspective of Machine Ethics -- 
       Affective Labor and Technologies of Gender in Wei Yahua's 
       "Conjugal Happiness in the Arms of Morpheus -- Teletongue:
       A Lollipop Device For Remote Oral Interaction -- ROMOT: a 
       Robotic 3D-Movie Theater Allowing Interaction and 
       Multimodal Experiences -- For the Love of Artifice 2: 
       Attachment -- Influences on the Intention to buy a Sex 
       Robot: An empirical study on influences of personality 
       traits and personal characteristics on the intention to 
       buy a sex robot -- The Cyborg Mermaid (or how techne can 
       help the misfits fit in) -- Exploration of Relational 
       Factors and the Likelihood of a Sexual Robotic Experience 
       -- The Impact of a Humanlike Communication Medium on The 
       Development of Intimate Human Relationship -- Kissenger - 
       Development of a Real-Time Internet Kiss Communication 
       Interface for Mobile Phones -- Sex with Robots for Love 
       Free Encounters -- Robots, and Intimacies; A Preliminary 
       Study of Perceptions of Robots and Intimacies with Robots 
520    This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 
       Second International Conference on Love and Sex with 
       Robots 2016 in December 2016, in London, UK. The 12 
       revised papers presented together with 1 keynote were 
       carefully reviewed and selected from a total of 38 
       submissions. The papers of the Second International 
       Conference have been accepted and reviewed in 2015 but 
       could not be presented as there was no conference in 2015 
       but at the conference in 2016. The topics of the 
       conferences were as follows: robot emotions, humanoid 
       robots, clone robots, entertainment robots, robot 
       personalities, teledildonics, intelligent electronic sex 
       hardware, gender approaches, affective approaches, 
       psychological approaches, sociological approaches, 
       roboethics, and philosophical approaches 
650  0 Human-robot interaction|vCongresses 
650 14 Computer Science 
650 24 Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics) 
650 24 User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction 
650 24 Special Purpose and Application-Based Systems 
650 24 Computer Imaging, Vision, Pattern Recognition and Graphics
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