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245 00 Advances in global leadership.|nVol. 9|h[electronic 
       resource] /|cedited by Joyce S. Osland, Ming Li, Mark E. 
250    1st ed 
260    Bingley :|bEmerald Group Publishing,|c2016 
300    1 online resource (xv, 461 p.) :|bill 
490 1  Advances in global leadership,|x1535-1203 ;|vv. 9 
504    Includes bibliographical references 
505 0  Introduction: advancing the field of global leadership / 
       Joyce Osland, Ming Li, Mark Mendenhall -- Women leading 
       globally: what we know, thought we knew, and need to know 
       about leadership in the 21st century / Nancy Adler, Joyce 
       Osland -- Understanding multicultural individuals as 
       ethical global leaders / Jordyn Hrenyk, Mike Szymanski, 
       Anirban Kar, Stacey Fitzsimmons -- Responsible global 
       leadership in emerging markets / Günter K. Stahl, Christof
       Miska, Sheila Puffer, Daniel McCarthy -- Global 
       followership: the launch of the scholarly journey / Yulia 
       Tolstikov-Mast -- Shared leadership in a global context: 
       challenges of transferring control to team members / Ginka
       Toegel, Karsten Jonsen -- Collective global leadership in 
       self-managed multicultural teams: the role of team goal 
       orientation / Minna Paunova, Yih-Teen Lee -- Antecedents 
       and outcomes of a global mindset: a thematic analysis of 
       research from 1994-2013 and future research agenda / Jörg 
       Hruby, Lorraine Watkins-Mathys, Thomas Hanke -- 
       Cosmopolitanism in a globalized world: an 
       interdisciplinary perspective / Orly Levy, Maury Peiperl, 
       Karsten Jonsen -- Harnessing global mindset to positively 
       impact advances in global leadership through international
       human resource management practices / Gretchen Vogelgesang
       Lester, Meghna Virick, Rachel Clapp-Smith -- Global talent
       : beyond outsourcing / Ernest Gundling, Christie Caldwell,
       Karen Cvitkovich -- Leading with virtue in the VUCA world 
       / Ia Ko, Peter Rea -- Five years of global leadership 
       research, 2010-2014: patterns, themes, and future 
       directions / Mark Mendenhall, Ming Li, Joyce Osland 
520    Volume 9 of "Advances in Global Leadership," includes 
       timely and impactful articles on processes associated with
       effective global leadership. In these times of 
       accelerating complexity and global inter-connectedness, a 
       deeper understanding of the multiple contextual, 
       organizational, and individual variables and processes 
       associated with effective global leadership is critical. 
       This volume contributes to bridging and integrating 
       conceptual and practitioner perspectives in pursuing this 
       deeper understanding. A new section of this year's volume 
       is devoted to articles that apply and expand concepts from
       traditional leadership to global leadership -- an area 
       that has heretofore received very little attention. 
       Another new section contains articles written by 
       consultants who provide perspectives gained from the 
       "front lines" of global leadership development in client 
       organizations. The volume's contributors range from well-
       known voices in the field to newly minted scholars with a 
       fresh perspective 
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650  0 Leadership 
700 1  Osland, Joyce 
700 1  Li, Ming,|dactive 2016 
700 1  Mendenhall, Mark E.,|d1956- 
830  0 Advances in global leadership,|x1535-1203 ;|vv. 9 
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