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100 1  Nightingale, Christopher James 
245 12 A physical education teacher mentoring program:  A case 
300    134 p 
500    Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 70-
       05, Section: A, page: 1599 
500    Adviser:  Eileen C. Sullivan 
502    Thesis (Ed.D.)--Boston University, 2009 
520    The purpose of this dissertation was to conduct a 
       qualitative analysis of a mentoring program that was 
       specifically administered by and designed to address the 
       needs of physical educators from an urban school district 
       in Massachusetts. The research objectives were to explore 
       the attitudes and impressions of the stakeholders that 
       participate in this physical education mentoring program 
       and to investigate whether these stakeholders believed 
       that physical education mentoring was an effective tool to
       increase new teacher retention and job performance, and to
       offer recommendations for the institution of physical 
       education mentoring programs in other school districts and
       settings. Data collection efforts involved a multi-method 
       approach consisting of a literature review, a survey of 
       current practices in physical education mentoring in 
       Massachusetts, interviews with a series of stakeholders in
       the physical education mentoring program, review of 
       documents related to the administration of this program, 
       and direct observation of key events including new teacher
       meetings and mentoring sessions. Areas of key findings 
       include chemistry and personality, social support, 
       attitude development, professional development, 
       information dissemination, learning from past experiences,
       outside factors, program support, and physical education 
       mentoring. Additionally, results indicate a belief by the 
       case study stakeholders that physical education mentoring 
       is an important part of the development of new teachers in
       this district and that it is beneficial in improving both 
       new teacher retention and job performance. General 
       recommendations for implementing a physical education 
       mentoring program include pairing of mentors with new 
       physical educators, offering incentives to recruit the 
       best candidates to serve as prospective mentors, providing
       training in mentoring skills for prospective mentors, and 
       offering opportunities for mentors and mentees to 
       establish a relationship prior to the start of the school 
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650  4 Education, Physical 
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710 2  Boston University 
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