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245 00 Morrison pahphlets|h[microform].|n232 /|cToyo Bunko 
246 33 Morrison pamphlet.|n232 
260    Tokyo :|bToyo Bunko,|c[1999] 
300    1 microfilm reels ;|c35 mm 
500    File no.: P-IX-a(2)-33~38, P-IX-b(3)-1~4, P-X-a(1)-1~13, P
       -X-b(2)-1~3, P-X-c(3)-1~2, P-XI-a(1)-1~2 
651  0 East Asia|xCollected works    
700 1  Stead, David G.|tNote on a small collection of fishes from
       Suwarow Island (P-IX-a-34) 
700 1  Hall, James Norman.|tWhy I live in Tahiti (P-IX-a-35) 
700 1  Kurata, Yuzaburo.|tThe organization and system of the 
       Commonwealth Bank of Australia (P-IX-a-36) 
700 1  Allen, Riley H.|tEducation and race problem in Hawaii (P-
700 1  Dyer, E. Jerome.|tAustralia and the Asian-Pacific : an 
       address delivered in the Melbourne Town Hall on Oct. 21, 
       1895 (P-IX-a-38) 
700 1  Finck, Franz Nikolaus.|tDie samoanische Partikel'o (P-IX-b
700 1  Finck, Franz Nikolaus.|tDie samoanischen Personal-und 
       Possessivpronomina (P-IX-b-2) 
700 1  Medina, José Toribio.|tBrevísimo Epítome de la imprenta en
       Manila (1593-1810) para servir de Indice á la obra sobre 
       la misma Materia que tiene para dar á la Prensa Jose 
       Toribio Medina (P-X-a-1) 
700 1  Barrett, John.|tThe Philippine Islands & America's 
       interests in the Far East (P-X-a-2) 
700 1  Rizal, Jose.|tBiography of Rizal. Tr. ... by Howard W. 
       Bray (P-X-a-3) 
700 1  Jones, O. Garfield.|tEducation and the future of the 
       Filipinos (P-X-a-4) 
700 1  Camus, J. S.|tLe riz aux Philippines (P-X-a-5) 
700 1  Palgrave, W. G.|tMalay life in the Philippines (P-X-a-6) 
700 1  Plant, Frank S.|tNotes on the Philippines (P-X-a-7) 
700 1  Taft, Wm. H.|tSpecial report of Wm. H. Taft, Secretary of 
       War to the President on the Philippines (P-X-a-8) 
700 1  Taylor, W. A.|tThe Philippine Islands. Compiled from 
       various sources (P-X-a-9) 
700 1  Garnett, L. M. J.|tThe Philippine Islanders (P-X-a-10) 
700 1  Smith, Hugh M.|tThe hemiscylliid sharks of the Philippine 
       Archipelago, with description of a new genus from the 
       China Sea (P-X-a-11) 
700 1  Suttor, J. B.|tReport on the trade of the Philippines, 
       1908 (P-X-a-12) 
700 1  Bowring, John.|tEastern Archipelago: Review based upon: - 
       A visit to the Philippine Island (P-X-a-13) 
700 1  Weston, William H.|tPhilippine downy mildew of maize (P-X-
700 1  Scheerer, Otto.|tKalinga texts from the Balbalásang-
       Gináang group (P-X-b-2)  
700 1  Bullock, A. Archibald.|tAmerican education in the 
       Philippines. With special reference to its bearing on 
       Missions in China (P-X-b-3)  
700 1  Gallagher, Patrick.|tOur Philippine muddle (P-X-c-1-1) 
700 1  Rea, George Bronson.|tHow Japan treats her subject, Alien 
       races (P-X-c-1-2) 
700 1  Yule, Emma Sarepta.|tThe woman question in the Philippine 
700 1  Nishihara, Hironao.|tMineral reconnaissance in the 
       Philippines (P-X-c-2)  
700 1  Pereira, Frederico A.|tThe political intercourse between 
       Siam and Burmah (P-XI-a-1) 
700 1  Jung, Eugène.|tLa vérité sur l'Indo-Chine (P-XI-a-2) 
710 2  Toyo Bunko (Japan).|bNanposhi Kenkyu Iinkai   
710 2  Australia, Commonwealth of House of Representatives.|tA 
       bill to place certain restrictions on immigration and to 
       provide for the removal from the Commonwealth of 
       prohibited immigrants. Read 5 June, 1901. (Brought in by 
       the Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Edmund Barton.)  (P-IX-b-
740 02 The Malay Archipelago. Review based upon: -1. The Golden 
       Chersonese by Mrs. Bishop. 1883. -2. The Journal of a 
       lady's travels round the world by F. D. Bridges. 1883. (P-
740 02 Toelchtingen op de economische kaart van Java en Madoera 
830  0 東洋文庫.|pモリソン文庫 
830  0 モリソン文庫   
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