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245 00 Resilience in education :|bconcepts, contexts and 
       connections /|cedited by Marold Wosnitza, Francisco 
       Peixoto, Susan Beltman, Caroline F. Mansfield 
264  1 Cham :|bSpringer International Publishing :|bImprint: 
300    1 online resource (xviii, 340 pages) :|billustrations 
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505 0  Section I: Introduction -- Chapter 1 Resilience in 
       Education: An Introduction, Susan Beltman & Caroline F. 
       Mansfield -- Section II: Conceptualising Resilience -- 
       Chapter 2 (Re)conceptualizing Teacher Resilience: A Social
       Ecological Approach to Understanding Teachers' 
       Professional Worlds, Qing Gu -- Chapter 3 How Does 
       Apprentice Resilience Work? The Conceptualisation of a 
       Generic Process Model of Resilience and its Application to
       Vocational Settings, Jennifer Schwarze & Marold Wosnitza -
       - Chapter 4 Great Southern Lands: Making Space for Teacher
       Resilience in South Africa and Australia, Caroline F. 
       Mansfield, Liesel Ebersohn, Susan Beltman, & Tilda Loots -
       - Chapter 5 A Multidimensional view on Pre-service Teacher
       Resilience in Germany, Ireland, Malta and Portugal, 
       Francisco Peixoto, Marold Wosnitza, Joana Pipa, Mark 
       Morgan, & Carmel Cefai -- Section III: Researching 
       Resilience in Educational Contexts -- Chapter 6 The 
       Interplay Between the Motivation to Teach and Resilience 
       of Student Teachers and Trainee Teachers, Lucas Lohbeck --
       Chapter 7 Exploring Canadian Early Career Teachers' 
       Resilience from an Evolutionary Perspective, Mylene Leroux
       -- Chapter 8 Early Career Teachers in Rural Schools: 
       Plotlines for Resilience, Leanne Crosswell, Jill Willis, 
       Chad Morrison, Andrew Gibson, & Mary Ryan -- Chapter 9 
       Teachers' Narratives of Resilience: Responding Effectively
       to Challenging Behaviour, Katya Galea -- Chapter 10 
       Teacher Resilience in Adverse Contexts: Issues of 
       Professionalism and Professional Identity, Maria Assunçao 
       Flores -- Chapter 11 An Exploratory Interview Study of 
       University Teacher Resilience, Kerstin Helker, Caroline F.
       Mansfield, Marold Wosnitza, & Hendrieke Stiller -- Chapter
       12 Teacher Championship of Resilience: Lessons from the 
       Pathways to Resilience Study, South Africa, Linda C. 
       Theron -- Section IV Connecting to Practice -- Chapter 13 
       Finding a Place for Resilience in Teacher Preparation, 
       Gavin Hazel -- Chapter 14 Using Online Modules to Build 
       Capacity for Teacher Resilience, Susan Beltman, Caroline 
       F. Mansfield, Marold Wosnitza, Noelene Weatherby-Fell, & 
       Tania Broadley -- Chapter 15 Enhancing Teacher Resilience 
       through Face-to-Face Training: Insights from ENTREE 
       project, Jose Castro Silva, Joana Pipa, Cynthia Renner, 
       Margaret O'Donnell, & Carmel Cefai -- Chapter 16 Enhancing
       Teacher Resilience: From Self-Reflection to Professional 
       Development, Marold Wosnitza, Ralph Delzepich, Jennifer 
       Schwarze, Margaret O'Donnell, Vera Faust, & Vanessa 
       Camilleri -- Chapter 17 Making it Real and Making it Last!
       Sustainability of Teacher Implementation of a Whole School
       Resilience Program, Toni Noble & Helen McGrath -- Chapter 
       18 Promoting Resilience: An European Curriculum for 
       Students, Teachers and Families, Valeria Cavioni, Maria 
       Assunta Zanetti, Giusy Beddia, & Mara Lupica Spagnolo -- 
       Section V: Conclusion -- Chapter 19 Resilience in 
       Education: Emerging Trends in Recent Research, Marold 
       Wosnitza & Francisco Peixoto 
520    This volume focuses on resilience in educational contexts 
       which has emerged as an important field of research, with 
       recent investigation into resilience of school students 
       teachers, and post-secondary students and staff. This book
       integrates theoretically diverse viewpoints and research 
       advancing relevant theory. It furthermore presents 
       interventions which aim enhancing resilience in the 
       educational context. The interplay between more basic 
       research and actual practice in the classroom, university 
       or workplace enriches relevant theory and research. Each 
       chapter includes an explanation of how resilience is 
       conceptualized in the research and the methods used to 
       examine resilience. The chapters also provide a 
       description of the context in which the research was 
       conducted and how particular aspects of context influence 
       the resilience process. Innovative approaches to exploring
       resilience are highlighted as well as directions for 
       future research 
650  0 Resilience (Personality trait) 
650 14 Education 
650 24 Educational Psychology 
650 24 Teaching and Teacher Education 
650 24 Professional & Vocational Education 
650 24 Lifelong Learning/Adult Education 
700 1  Wosnitza, Marold,|eeditor 
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