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100 1  Scott, Peter D 
245 10 Teacher Leadership Development at the Second Career Stage:
       Influential Factors, Challenges, and Systems Implications 
300    125 p 
500    Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 72-
       11, Section: A, page: 4067 
500    Adviser: Michael Copland 
502    Thesis (Ed.D.)--University of Washington, 2011 
520    For as much attention and institutional support as 
       beginning teachers have received, very little has been 
       paid to those in their  second career stage of teaching. 
       This cohort is characterized in this study as 
       professionals with roughly 4 to 12 years of classroom 
       teaching experience. Teachers in this demographic often 
       find themselves at a critical career crossroads. Those who
       differentiate their roles as classroom teachers by 
       exercising leadership face increasingly complex 
       challenges. Job-embedded leadership opportunities may 
       provide a new lever to improve job satisfaction and, in 
       turn, greater engagement and retention among this cohort 
       as well as a reciprocal benefit to the school systems in 
       which they work 
520    This project is an effort to uncover the factors that 
       influenced six second-stage teachers to pursue 
       differentiated leadership roles. In this context, 
       differentiated leadership broadly refers to work designed 
       to influence and transform teaching and learning in a 
       school or system. This inquiry also investigates the 
       unique challenges these second-stage teachers face once in
       the leadership role. Finally, second-stage teacher 
       leadership implications to their respective organizations 
       are offered, partly informed by the perspectives of their 
       building principals. Recommendations emphasize the 
       importance of organizational structures and support in 
       developing second-stage teacher leadership 
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650  4 Education, Leadership 
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710 2  University of Washington 
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