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作者 Shupala, Andrew Michael
書名 School library selection policy and procedures: A survey of attitudes, perceptions and experiences of Texas public-school principals and certified librarians
國際標準書號 9780542562105
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說明 245 p
附註 Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 67-02, Section: A, page: 0417
Adviser: Thomas H. Linton
Thesis (Ed.D.)--Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi, 2006
The purpose of this study was to survey Texas public-school principals and certified librarians' attitudes, perceptions and experiences with regard to school library policy for media selection and procedures for responding to complaints against library media. Analysis of the data involved a methodology of the mixed-methods explanatory design, in which the purpose of the qualitative phase was to possibly explain or provide understanding of the results in the quantitative phase. For the qualitative phase, the study involved content analysis of the survey's two open-ended survey questions. In the quantitative phase, the study used the causal-comparative design to address the research questions and hypotheses. Analysis of the survey data included chi-square analysis, independent samples t-test, and multiple linear regression analysis. Selection of the principals and certified librarians was proportionate and stratified according to the state's 20 Education Service Center regions. Of the 1,036 Independent School Districts that employed the state population of 10,014 principals and certified librarians, 275 Independent School Districts (26.5 percent) allowed participation in the survey. Of the state population of principals and certified librarians, the 275 school districts accounted for 988 of the 3,382 certified librarians (29.2 percent) and 1,941 of the 6,632 principals (29.3 percent). Both personnel groups were represented in each of the 20 Education Service Center regions.The survey response rate for the principals was 20.0 percent while the response rate for the certified librarians was 34.7 percent. The results were not generalized to the state population of principals and certified librarians because random sampling of the state population had not been possible. However, the demographic and employment characteristics of the response sample were comparable to those of the state population. Quantitative findings indicated the need for further research with regard to whether or not library media complaint procedures were duly followed during previous school years and whether or not conflict had occurred between the principals and the certified librarians as they implemented complaint procedures. The quantitative findings also indicated the need for further research with regard to library media complaints as reported by the two personnel groups and according to district enrollment size, county population size, and the three education levels. The study's qualitative findings supported the quantitative findings. Moreover, the study's qualitative findings indicated as well, that the principals and certified librarians' appreciation of selection policy and complaint procedures occasionally differed because of the principals' different legal perspective of library selection policy and complaint procedures. The qualitative findings suggested that the research emphasis for school censorship and school library policy and procedures should include consideration of legal due process, in addition to consideration of student First Amendment rights. Because of the principals' different legal perspective, the qualitative findings also suggested the need for further predictive analyses using the differing legal opinions as predictors of the principals and certified librarians' opinions of school library policy and complaint procedures. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)
School code: 1417
Host Item Dissertation Abstracts International 67-02A
主題 Education, Administration
Education, Curriculum and Instruction
Library Science
Alt Author Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
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