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書名 Morrison pahphlets [microform]. 244 / Toyo Bunko
出版項 Tokyo : Toyo Bunko, [1999]
館藏地 索書號 處理狀態 OPAC 訊息 條碼
 傅斯年圖書館視聽室  MF DS503.5 M878  v.244(ROLL 8709)    在架上    30530001120294
說明 1 microfilm reels ; 35 mm
系列 東洋文庫. モリソン文庫
附註 File no.: P-XII-a(12)-146~155, P-XII-a(13)-156~165, P-XII-a(14)-166-180
主題 East Asia -- Collected works
Alt Author Hillebrandt, Alfred. Der freiwillige Feuertod in Indien und die Somaweihe (P-XII-a-163)
Albers, A. Christina. Modern India (P-XII-a-164-1)
Suzuki, Teitaro. Moral tales of the treatise on response and retribution (P-XII-a-164-2)
Buffet, E. P. A Buddhist in Jewry. parallels to the philosophy of Gotama in the book of ecclesiastes (P-XII-a-164-3)
Waddell, L. A. Note on the poisoned arrows of the Akas (P-XII-a-165)
Rotto, Mario Orsini. La lotta politica nell' India (P-XII-a-168)
Rice, Stanley. Indian Swaraj and world politics (P-XII-a-169)
Bennoy Kumar Sarkar. Die soziale Philosophie Jung-Indiens (P-XII-a-167)
Toyo Bunko (Japan). Nanposhi Kenkyu Iinkai
Alt Title Morrison pamphlet. 244
Vedische Mythologie, von Alfred Hillebrandt. Erseter Ban. Soma und verwandte Götter Breslau, 1891 [Review based upon] (P-XII-a-146)
Sanscrit poetry: Review based upon: - 1. Bhagavat gita, ed. Augustus Gulielmus a Schlegel. Bonn. 1823. - 2. Ueber die unter den Namen Bhagavat-Gīta bekannte Episode des Mahābhārata von Wilhelm von humboldt. Berlin, 1826. - 3. Nalus, Carmen Sanscriticum e Mahābhāratā. ed. Franciscus Bopp. 1819. - 4. Nala, von Joh. Gottfr. Ludw. Kosegarten. Jena. 1820. - 5. Yadnadattabada, par A. L. Chezy. Paris, 1826. - 6. Diluvium cum tribus aliis Maha-Bharati praestantissimis Episodiis. Prim. ed. Franciscus Bopp. Berolini, 1829. - 7. Die Sündflut, aus d. Ursprache übers. von Franz Bopp. Berlin, 1829. - 8. Ardschuna's Reise zu Indra's Himmel, von Franz Bopp. Berlin, 1824. - 9. Nalodaya, ed. Ferdinandus Benary. Berolini,1830. - 10. Brahma-Vaivarta-Purani Specimen, ed. Adolphus Fredericus Stenzler. Berlin, 1829. - 11. Select specimens of the theatre of the Hindus, tr. fr. the original skt. by Horace Hayman Wilson. Calcutta, 1827. 3v. - 12. Indische Bibliothek. Eine Zeitschrift von August Wilhelm von Schlegal. 2v. - 13. Rigveda specimen, ed. Fredericus Rosen. London, 1830 (P-XII-a-147)
Grammars of the Sanscrita language: Review based upon: - 1. A grammar of the Sanskrita language, by Charles Wilkins. london, 1808. - 2. A grammar of the Sungskrit language, by W. Carey. 1806. - 3. Mr. Colebrook's Grammar of the Sanskrit language. London (P-XII-a-148)
Wilkin's Sanscrit grammar: Review based upon: - A grammar of the Sanskrita language, by Charles Wilkins. London, 1808 (P-XII-a-149)
The Ramayuna of Valmeeki: Review based upon: - The Ramayuna of Valmeeki, tr. fr. the original Sungskrit, by William Carey & Jhoshua Marshman. vol. 1 (P-XII-a-150)
Taylor's translation of an ancient Hindu drama: Review based upon: - Prabodh Chandroya; or, The rise of the moon of intellect, an allegorical drama; & Atma bodh; or, The knowledge of spirit, tr. fr. the skt. & Pracrit, by J. Taylor. London, 1812 (P-XII-a-151)
The Hindu drama: Review based upon: - Sakoontala, or the lost ring ; an Indian drama, tr. into Engl. prose & verse fr. the Skt. & Kalidasa. By Monier Williams. 1855 (P-XII-a-152)
An Account of the elephant kraal of 1863 (P-XII-a-153)
Court and camp of Runjeet Sing: Review based upon: The court and camp of Runjeet Sing. By the Hon. W. G. Osborne. London, 1840 (P-XII-a-154)
Widow burning-Major Ludlow: Review based upon: - The history of British India, fr.1805 to 1835, by Horace Hayman Wilson. vol. 3. 1848 (P-XII-a-155)
Dr. tennant's Indian recreations: Review based upon: - Indian recreations: consisting chiefly of strictures on the Mahommedans and Hindoos, by the Rev. W. Tennant. London, 2v. 1803 (P-XII-a-156)
The Thugs; or, Secret murderers of India: Review based upon: - Ramaseeana; or a vocabullary of the peculiar language used by the Thungs. Calcutta, 1836 (P-XII-a-157)
Moor's Hindu infanticide: Review based upon: - Hindu infanticide, by Edward Moor. London, 1811 (P-XII-a-158)
The use of torture in India : [review based upon] Report of the commissioners for the inbestigation of alleged cases of torture in the Madras Presidency. Submitted to the Governor in Council of Fort St. George, on the 16th April. 1855 (P-XII-a-159)
The Game and game laws of India: Review based upon: - 1. act 20 of 1887 of the Governor-General's Council in India. An Act for the protection of wild birds and game. - 2. Act 6 of 1879. An act for the preservation of wild elephants. - 3. Shikar sketches, by J. Moray Brown. London, 1886. - 4. Letters on sport in Eastern Bengal, by F. B. Simon. London, 1886. - 5. Sport in Bengal, by Edward B. Baker. London, 1887 (P-XII-a-160)
Elephant-catching: Review based upon: - Thirteen years among the wild beasts of India, by G. P. Sanderson. London, 1878 (P-XII-a-161)
East India College: Review based upon: - Statements respecting the East India College, by the Rev. T. R. Malthus. London, 1817 (P-XII-a-162)
Hamilton's Indian gazetteer: Review based upon: - The East India gazetteer, by Walter Hamilton (P-XII-a-166)
Problemes of Indian administration: Review based upon: - 1. Report of the Mesopotamia commission. 1917. - 2. Recollections, by Viscount Morley. 1917. - 3. Indian & the future, by William Archer. 1917. - 4. Nationalism, by Sir Rabindranath Tagore. 1917. - 5. Indian corps in France, by lt.-Col. J. W. B. Marewether, & Sir Fredelich Smith. 1917. - 6. The Indian demands, with an introd. by G. A. Natesan. Madras. 1917. - 7. What Indian wants, by G. A. Natesan. Madras, 1917 (P-XII-a-170)
The Value of India to England: Review based upon: - 1. Up to country, by the Hon. Emily Eden. London, 1866. 2v. - 2. O'Euvres compretes d'Alexis de Tocqueville. Paris, 1865 (P-XII-a-171)
Indian administration: Review based upon: - 1. British Colonial Library East Company's possessions, by R. Montgomery Martin. 1844 - 2. History of British India, by Charles Mac Farlane. 1852. - 3. Modern India & its government, by George Campbell. 1852. - 4. Remarks on the affairs of India. London, 1852 (P-XII-a-172)
Public opinion in India: Review based upon: - 1. Report of the Tenth Indian National Congress at Madras. Calcutta, 1895. - 2. The protected princes of india, by W. Lee Warner. London, 1894. - 3. The flower of forgiveness, & other stories. London, 1894 (P-XII-a-173)
Its constitution and departments: Review based upon: - The laws relating to India, & the East India Company. 3. ed. London, 1842 (P-XII-a-174)
Campbells's Modern India: Review based upon: - Harington's Analysis of the Bengal regulations. London (P-XII-a-175)
Malcolm on India: Review based upon: - Sketch of the political history of India, by John Malcolm. London, 1811 (P-XII-a-176)
Lord Lauderdale on Indian affairs: Review based upon: an inquiry into the practical merits of the system for the Government of India, by the Earl of Lauderdale. Edinburgh, 1809 (P-XII-a-177)
Prospects of the Indian Empire: Review based upon: - 1. General report on the administration on the several Presidencies & Provinces of British India during the years 1855-56. Calcutta, 1857. - 2. India & Europe compared, by Lieut.-Gen. Briggs. London, 1857. - 3. Statistical papers, illustrated by maps, relating to India. 1853 (P-XII-a-178)
Government of India: Review based upon: - 1. The political history of India, fr. 1784 to 1823, by Maj.-Gen. Sir John Malcolm. London,1826. 2v. 8vo. - 2. A letter to Sir Charles Forbes. London, 1826. - 3. Some considerations on the policy of the Government of India, by Lieut-Col. M. Stewart. Edinburgh, 1826 (P-XII-a-179)
Agrarian distress and discontent in India: Review based upon: - 1. Report of the East India Deccan Riots Commission. London, 1878. - 2. Report on the administration of the Bombay Presidency for 1877-1878. Bombay, 1878. - 3. Proceedings of the Council of the Covernor of Bombay for making laws & regulations (P-XII-a-180)
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