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100 1  Wilson, Janean D 
245 13 An Adaptation of the Hybrid Visual Habituation Paradigm to
       Assess Speech Perception in Young Children with Cochlear 
300    47 p 
500    Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 49-06, 
500    Adviser: Cynthia Core 
502    Thesis (M.A.)--The George Washington University, 2011 
520    Current speech perception methodologies for young children
       are limited to those that require behavioral and 
       metacognitive responses from the participant. The visual 
       habituation paradigm (VHP) is a procedure that uses 
       novelty preference (measured by a child's looking time) to
       illustrate perception of novel auditory stimuli. The 
       purpose of the current study was to determine whether a 
       variant of the hybrid visual habituation paradigm (HVHP) 
       could be used to measure individual differences in the 
       perception of a of prosodic and segmental speech features 
       in a group of deaf children with cochlear implants. 
       Participants were assessed on the perception of three 
       speech features (vowel height, lexical stress, intonation)
       using a modified HVHP. Analyses showed that all of the 
       participants exhibited longer looking times to the novel 
       auditory stimuli during the experimental trial. Additional
       analyses illustrated that the modified HVHP is a promising
       method for assessing the perception of vowel height, 
       lexical stress and intonation in young children with 
       cochlear implants 
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650  4 Health Sciences, Speech Pathology 
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710 2  The George Washington University.|bSpeech and Hearing 
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