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      Affirmation and resistance: Press, poetry and the formation of national identity among Palestinian citizens of Israel, 1948--1967 Nassar, Maha Tawfik  電子書
      The Afghan experience: An exploratory study of societal realities through the lenses of Afghan diasporic literary works Sadat, Mir Hekmatullah  電子書
      Allocation and accountability: State-business relations and environmental politics in Egypt Sowers, Jeannie Lynn  電子書
      The Andalusian music in Fez: The preservation of a mixed-oral tradition Davila, Carl  電子書
144 其他項目    
      Ambitious cities: Enterprise culture in eastern Ontario's urban places, 1872-1892 Nicol, Heather Nora  紙本資料
      "And in the good times, they buy flowers": Private gardening in suburban southern Ontario in the 1950s Holson, Maya  紙本資料
      Archivistique: Information, organisation, memoire. L'exemple du Mouvement cooperatif Desjardins 1900-1990 Cardin, Martine  電子書
      "Between education and catastrophe": Public schooling and the project of post-war reconstruction in Manitoba 1944--1960 Buri, George  紙本資料
106 其他項目    
      According to Christian Sunna: Mozarabic notarial culture in Toledo, 1085--1300 (Spain) Miller, Howard Delgin  電子書
      Accursed palace: The Italian palazzo on the Jacobean stage (1603-1625) Lahiri, Jhumpa  紙本資料
      Ad sustentacionem fidei Christiani: Sacred music and ceremony in medieval Oxford Lee-De Amici, Beth Anne  紙本資料
      Adam Ferguson on civil society: Enlightenment, community, and the market Nordeen, Patricia Diane  電子書
590 其他項目    
      Accounting for Pensions Himick, Darlene  紙本資料
      The accumulation of capital and the shifting construction of difference: Examining the relations of colonialism, post-colonialism and neo-colonialism in Trinidad Kerrigan, Dylan Brian Rum  紙本資料
      Adjusting to peace: The political economy of post-war reconstruction land, privatization and fiscal reform in post-war El Salvador and Guatemala Rojas, Catalina  電子書
      Africanity among African Mexicans: An afrocentric study of identity formation in a Mexican community Green, Debra D  電子書
249 其他項目    
      The 2-step tales of Hahashka: Experiences in corporeality and embodiment in Aboriginal California Weighill, Tharon Paul  電子書
      A 21st Century Investigation of the Historical, Musical and Acoustical Contexts of a 19th Century Comic Opera "Schermania in America", Composed by Dr. Gabriel Miesse, Jr Abbott, Carol A  紙本資料
      The 1960 US-Japan Security Treaty Crisis and the Origins of Contemporary Japan Kapur, Nikhil Paul  紙本資料
      'A mere party machine'? Judicial authority, party development, and the changing politics of attacking the courts Engel, Stephen M  紙本資料
1267 其他項目    
      21st century inter-organizational collaboration success and dedicated alliance functions Ricco, Michael E  紙本資料
      A.A. Vantine and Company: Japanese Handcrafts for the American Consumer, 1895--1920 Yamamori, Yumiko  紙本資料
      Accessing organizational resources and pursuing value through international promotional alliances Cobbs, Joe B  紙本資料
      Accomplishment of dual focus in exploration and exploitation: The influential role of the customer relationship management (CRM) process Tinoco, Janet K  電子書
2348 其他項目    
      The adoption of shamanic healing into the biomedical health care system in the United States Thayer, Lori L  紙本資料
      Aesthetic Discrimination: The Impact of North American Ideologies of Beauty on the Social Exclusion of People with Skin Disorders, the Healing Power of Special Summer Youth camps, and a Shift to the Social in Biomedical Practice Houser, Anne Marie  紙本資料
      An analysis of developmental plasticity in structural geometry at the proximal femur in adolescent females living in the United States Osborne, Daniel L  電子書
      "Aqui no paso nada" Terror, remembrance, and healing in a Guatemalan "green zone" Wagner, William G  紙本資料
84 其他項目    
      Academic achievement of foster children: Child welfare workers' perceptions and practices Mata, Cindy Soledad  紙本資料
      Academic economics: Scholarship, publishing, capital Pollex, Michael  電子書
      Academic engagement: The impact of personal, cultural, and school factors on African American student academic effort Hill, Ruth Alisha Jenkins  紙本資料
      Access, choice, and opportunity: Three studies of educational inequality Werkema, Rachel Deyette  電子書
713 其他項目    
      An analysis of land use planning and equity issues surrounding hazardous liquid and natural gas transmission pipelines in North Carolina Osland, Anna Christine  紙本資料
      An analysis of the processes and outcomes of elderly migration to small prairie lakeshore communities in the Interlake region of Manitoba Spina, Giovanni  紙本資料
      An analysis of walking and bicycling behavior in suburban multifamily housing: A case study in Eugene, Oregon Belanger, Kevin M  紙本資料
      Analyzing Resident Place Satisfaction in a Tourist Destination through Auto Photography: The Case of Southern Shores, North Carolina Hueber, Allison M  紙本資料
81 其他項目    
      Above Sea: Modern and Contemporary Art from the Ruins of Shanghai's New Heaven on Earth Lin, Jenny Grace  紙本資料
      Acquisition of semantic and pragmatic meaning of the quantifier nanko-k by adult learners of Japanese Takami, Naoko  紙本資料
      Across the "Four Seas": Performing the Chinese Diasporic Experience Mao, Yuen-Jean  紙本資料
      Adaptation and transmission in early east Asian funerary arts: The three Goguryeo Four Spirits Tombs in Ji'an, China Sutherland, Heather B  紙本資料
485 其他項目    
      Academic achievement trajectories of adolescents from Mexican and East Asian immigrant families Jeong, Yu Jin  紙本資料
      Academic Trajectories of Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Mexican, and Non-Hispanic White Immigrants During High School and the Impacts of Social Capital Kanatsu, Akira  紙本資料
      Acculturation and Mental Health in Chinese Immigrant Youth Alidoost, Moona  紙本資料
      Acculturation and travel motivation for Chinese-American seniors Wu, Yi-Hsien  紙本資料
187 其他項目    
      Acceptablity, conflict, and support for coastal resource management policies and initiatives in Cebu, Philippines Allegretti, Arren Mendezona  紙本資料
      Addressing the challenges of measuring self-reported media use: Using contingent feedback to increase data quality in web and face-to-face survey modes Walejko, Gina Kay  紙本資料
      Adoption identity as shared identity among adult Korean adoptees Darnell, Farnad J  電子書
      Advertising and consumption in post-Mao China: Between the local and the global Li, Hongmei  電子書
588 其他項目    
      Millennial-scale variations and centennial-scale events in the southwest Asian monsoon: Pollen evidence from Tibet Shen, Caiming  電子書
      Subsistence economies and emergent social differences: A case study from the prehistoric North American Southwest Diehl, Michael William  紙本資料
      Accelerated ageing tests and long-term prediction models for durability of FRP bars in concrete Chen, Yi  電子書
      Accurate 3D shape and displacement measurement using a scanning electron microscope Cornille, Nicolas  電子書
      Accurate and Well-posed Absorbing Boundary Conditions for Anisotropic Media Savadatti, Siddharth  紙本資料
      Acoustic generation of femtoliter to picoliter droplets using two-dimensional micromachined microdroplet ejector arrays Demirci, Utkan  電子書
399 其他項目    
      The accommodation of insanity in Canton, China [electronic resource] : 1857-1935 / Peter Paul Szto Szto, Peter Paul; 在架上   電腦檔
      Acculturation and Mental Health in Chinese Immigrant Youth Alidoost, Moona  紙本資料
      Acute opioid effects on cortisol and cytokines in bipolar disorder Mascarenhas, Justine  電子書
      Adaptation of a best practice model for recognition and treatment of postpartum depression in a private obstetrics practice Long, Vicki Elizabeth  紙本資料
536 其他項目    
      Abnormalities in automatic and strategic encoding of emotional information in current and remitted major depression: An ERP investigation Shestyuk, Avgusta Y  電子書
      Acute effects of estrogen and bisphenol-A, an environmental chemical, on cognitive and neural function Inagaki, Tomoko  紙本資料
      Adenosine antagonist treatment for an animal model of Parkinsonian tremor Kawa, Kevin H  電子書
      Affect regulation, executive functions, and intelligence in children with severe emotional disturbance Ryan, Jessica S  電子書
174 其他項目    
      Academic and non-academic factors associated with retention of undergraduate college students Kracher, Connie Myers  紙本資料
      Academic medical faculty and their complex roles Howell, Malcolm G  紙本資料
      Accelerated nursing education: Study patterns, behaviors and learner characteristics Gutierrez, Kathleen Jo  紙本資料
      Accreditation activities and outcomes: Graduate medical education program directors' experiences navigating the internal review Odinet, Rebecca Louise  電子書
381 其他項目    
      Ability of the California State University, Fullerton Physical Activity Questionnaire to assess physical activity in older individuals Lasuzzo, Jason  電子書
      Acceptability of interventions to staff in long-term care settings for older adults: Comparing ratings and hierarchical selection Baker, Jonathan C  紙本資料
      Access and utilization of transitional care services by the elderly according to payer source Honselman, Carla S  紙本資料
      Access to Health Care and Level of Health-Related Quality of Life of Elderly Chinese Immigrants in the Pacific Northwest Chen, Mei-Rong  紙本資料
1175 其他項目    
      Abandoned spaces in Canadian writing: Constructing "the country of our defeat" Pratt, Brooke Sarah  紙本資料
      Action in the age of intelligent machines: Posthumanist models of agency in contemporary cyberfiction Drown, Seth  紙本資料
      Altered states: Authors, subjects, and sovereignty in postwar American fiction Tobeck, Janine M  紙本資料
      "Alternate versions": The duplicities of life writing in the novels of Carol Shields Kong, Ying  紙本資料
221 其他項目    
      Advances in Diapriid (Hymenoptera: Diapriidae) systematics, with contributions to cybertaxonomy and the analysis ofrRNA sequence data Yoder, Matthew Jon  電子書
      Advances in resistance monitoring of agricultural pests and in the elucidation of mite reproductive physiology Cabrera, Ana Rosa  紙本資料
      Analysis of Peptidergic Neural Networks Regulating Ecdysis in the Fruitfly, Drosophila melanogaster Kim, Do Hyoung  紙本資料
      Antennal mechanosensory circuits in insect flight control Hinterwirth, Armin J  紙本資料
205 其他項目    
      Agricultural tractor overturn mitigation via an operator alerting system and active intervention Nichol, Corrie Ian  電子書
      An air quality study of nanomaterials in a manufacturing setting Maher, Tabitha V  電子書
      Airliner cabin air quality exposure assessment McFarland, Susan Louise  電子書
      Alcohol use and occupational culture in the skilled building trades: An ethnographic study Popp, Sharon Marie  紙本資料
212 其他項目    
      Allies ou agglutines. L'enjeu du rapport homme et femme dans "Le Sexe des etoiles" de Monique Proulx Dupras, Francine  紙本資料
      An anatomy of sacrifice in plays by Edward Albee and Michel Marc Bouchard Martel, Francois  電子書
      Atwood, Moisan, and beyond: The question of diversity in comparative Canadian literature McKay, Kristy Lynn  紙本資料
      Aux limites de l'extreme: Erotisme, folie, violence. Une lecture bataillienne de Marguerite Duras et Yves Theriault Martinez, Isabelle  電子書
43 其他項目    
      All fifty kathousand cousins: Chamorro teachers responding to contemporary children's literature set in Guam Storie, Monique R. Carriveau  紙本資料
      Black and white on black: Whiteness and masculinity in the works of three Australian writers---Thomas Keneally, Colin Thiele, and Patrick White Byrge, Matthew Israel  紙本資料
      Bridging our sea of islands: French Polynesian literature within an Oceanic context Mateata-Allain, Kareva  電子書
      Cinema and the short story: The influence of cinema on Katherine Mansfield's fiction Saylor, Diane Sue  電子書
10 其他項目    
      The 3 Pigs: Interactive performance Torres Villarreal, Ana Magdalena  電子書
      An a/r/tographic study of multicultural children's book artists: Developing a place-based pedagogy of pleasure Reisberg, Mira  電子書
      Acquiring Chinese art and culture: The collections and scholarship of John C. Ferguson (1866--1945) Netting, Lara Jaishree  紙本資料
      Acts of pedagogy: Feminism, psychoanalysis, art and ethics Loveless, Natalie Suzanne  紙本資料
648 其他項目    
      Aesthetics and meaning in professional blues performances: An ethnographic examination of an African-American music in intercultural context Oehler, Susan Elizabeth  紙本資料
      "Alan Lomax's iPOD?": Smithsonian global sound and applied ethnomusicology on the Internet Font, David  電子書
      American experience: A structural analysis of personal experience narratives, the Federal Writers' Project to Storycorps Dickson, Megan M  紙本資料
      An analysis of the power of Semar through selected shadowplay stories Sumukti, Sumastuti  電子書
203 其他項目    
      Accelerated ripening by enzyme modified application in Swiss cheese Feliz Perez, Danis Jesus  電子書
      Accelerated shelf-life test of alkamides in Echinacea purpurea root aqueous ethanol Soxhlet extracts Solco, Avery Kent Sia  電子書
      Acid tolerance response of Listeria monocytogenes: Bioenergetics and mechanisms of resistance to the antimicrobial nisin Alvarenga, Marcelo Bonnet  電子書
      Action research analysis of the forces affecting farmer participation in a West Virginia Cooperative Extension Service farmer education program Edalgo, John Robert  電子書
463 其他項目    
      Ad/ministering education: Gender, colonialism, and Christianity in Belize and the Anglophone Caribbean Rellihan, Heather Emily  紙本資料
      Adolescent empires: Identity, liminality, and advocacy in contemporary American literature Remigio, Myra  電子書
      American incunabula: 'Grotesque Genesis' and the genealogical genre. One strand in the modern American novel MacRae, Ian J  紙本資料
      Are we there yet? Migration and home in literature (Loida Maritza Perez, Erna Brodber) Zdanowicz, Kimberly V  電子書
119 其他項目    
      Climate Change and Small Island Developing States [electronic resource] : Arguments for Accelerating Action Harris, Samantha L  電腦檔
      Climate Change and Small Island Developing States: Arguments for Accelerating Action Harris, Samantha L  紙本資料
      The Party and the "Personal" Vote: The Impact of Party Control of Ballot Access and Means of Cultivating a Personal Reputation in Mixed-Member Electoral System Countries Preece, Jessica Robinson  紙本資料
      Saying nyet to power: Coercion, resistance and weak state alliances McLellan, Edward Alden, III  紙本資料
      Single Black Mothers on Television Miles, Ramona  紙本資料
      Between gods and churches: Christianity, paganism, and the trajectory of belief in Old Norse myth, literature, and the later folktales Bryan, Eric Shane  電子書
      Brussel - Bruxelles - Brussel: Brussels in the Flemish literary mirror from 1830 to 1932 Dothee, Caroline M. P. C  電子書
      Constructing national identity: Imperialism and nationalism in Victorian Britain's northern scholarship Najork, Daniel C  電子書
      Freedom turned against itself: Studies in the literature of suicide Trogan, Christopher Roland  紙本資料
5 其他項目    
      Adaptive network-based fuzzy inference systems for sensorless control of PMSG based wind turbine with power quality improvement features Singh, Mukhtiar  紙本資料
      Advanced concepts in ground thermal energy storage systems Woods, Kevin David  紙本資料
      Advanced methods for light trapping in optically thin silicon solar cells Nagel, James Richard  紙本資料
      Aerogel nanocomposites for energy applications Li, Yuan  紙本資料
225 其他項目    
      Accurate and Well-posed Absorbing Boundary Conditions for Anisotropic Media Savadatti, Siddharth  紙本資料
      Adaptive dispersion compensation and ultrasonic imaging for structural health monitoring Hall, James Stroman  紙本資料
      Adaptive Mesh Generation for Solution of Incompressible Fluid Flows using High Order Gradients Shortridge, Randall  紙本資料
      Adaptive meshless methods for solving partial differential equations Kwok, Ting On  紙本資料
329 其他項目    
      Allan Sekula, Margarita Cabrera and Vik Muniz: Representations of the Social Conditions and Capital Relations of Labor Owen, Caroline Sara  紙本資料
      Alterations Marks, Michael, II  紙本資料
      Ambient Power: The Joint Production of Perception and Space McGarvey, Matthew Scott  紙本資料
      American landscapes as revisionist history: The frontier photographs of Mark Klett, John Pfahl, Deborah Bright, and Robert Adams Goldstein, Holly Markovitz  紙本資料
96 其他項目    
      A New Testament geography: Description, perspectives, and implications for the field of geography Alphin, George  紙本資料
      Aboriginal people, aboriginal rights, and protected areas: An investigation of the relationship between the Nuu-chah-nulth people and Pacific Rim National Park Reserve Berg, Lawrence Douglas  電子書
      Aboriginal tourism in the Southern Interior of British Columbia: Identities, representations, and expectations Francis, Jessica  紙本資料
      Access, discourse, and cultural landscape change: The case of national park communities along the Crater Lake Highway in Jackson County, Oregon O'Connell, Stephen Michael  紙本資料
1019 其他項目    
0367 : Bunch, Nicholas L; 中央研究院; 紙本資料     
      Ground based studies of auroral medium frequency burst radio emissions Bunch, Nicholas L  紙本資料
      The ability of urban parks to reduce air temperatures of surrounding neighbourhoods: A study of 4 Toronto parks Slater, Graham Andrew  紙本資料
      An adaptive computer vision technique for estimating the biomass and density of loblolly pine plantations using digital orthophotography and LiDAR imagery Bortolot, Zachary J  電子書
      Advanced geospatial technologies applied to gravel-bed river mapping and modeling Aggett, Graeme Richard  電子書
      Airborne laser quantification of Florida shoreline and beach volume change caused by hurricanes Robertson, William, V  電子書
146 其他項目    
      2,8-dihydroxyadenine crystal injury induces unique gene expression alterations in developing kidneys Chen, Jianmin  電子書
      5qNCA (LOC51780): A candidate tumor suppressor gene in leukemia Kravarusic, Jelena  電子書
      Accurate prediction of causative protein kinase polymorphisms in inherited disease and cancer Torkamani, Ali  電子書
      The Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans tad locus: Defining the genetic requirements for biofilm formation and characterization of the TadZ protein Perez, Brenda A  電子書
629 其他項目    
      Adaptive mobile GIS and applications Shea, Geoffrey Yu Kai  紙本資料
      Analyzing the potential for commercial expansion using GIS McGlade, Jacob  紙本資料
      Application of airborne laser scanner - aerial navigation Campbell, Jacob L  電子書
      Application of synthetic aperture radar interferometry (InSar) in defining groundwater-withdrawal-related subsidence, Diamond Valley, Nevada Arai, Rei  紙本資料
110 其他項目    
      Aqueous phase sulfate production in clouds at Mt. Tai in eastern China Shen, Xinhua  紙本資料
      Atmospheric Organic Particulate Matter: Measurements, Models and MItigation Hildebrandt, Lea  紙本資料
      Carbon dioxide adsorption on nanomaterials Galhotra, Pragati  紙本資料
      Characterization and deposition of aerosol organic matter in the eastern United States Wozniak, Andrew S  紙本資料
16 其他項目    
      Abrupt climate variability during the last glacial and the late Holocene from the Western tropical Pacific perspective Saikku, Reetta Maaria  紙本資料
      Active structural growth in central Taiwan in relationship to large earthquakes and pore-fluid pressures Yue, Li-Fan  電子書
      Advances in gas and aerosol monitoring at active volcanoes Rodriguez-Iglesias, Lizzette A  電子書
      Airborne laser quantification of Florida shoreline and beach volume change caused by hurricanes Robertson, William, V  電子書
241 其他項目    
      Accurate and Well-posed Absorbing Boundary Conditions for Anisotropic Media Savadatti, Siddharth  紙本資料
      Active structural growth in central Taiwan in relationship to large earthquakes and pore-fluid pressures Yue, Li-Fan  電子書
      An airborne investigation of the atmospheric boundary layer structure in the hurricane force wind regime Zhang, Jun  電子書
      Analysis of waveform and catalog data of aftershocks for properties of earthquakes and faults Yang, Wenzheng  紙本資料
263 其他項目    
      Fracture occurrence and ground water pollution potential in Ohio's glacial and lacustrine deposits: A soils, geologic, and educational perspective Weatherington-Rice, Julie B. P  電子書
      An improved methodology for land-cover classification using artificial neural networks and a decision tree classifier Arellano-Neri, Olimpia  電子書
      Agape and eschatology as apologetical distinctives: A comparative study with Hinduism and Buddhism Charles, Enoch S  紙本資料
      Beyond hospitality: Becoming family Anderson, Lauren Paige  紙本資料
      Reclaiming the funeral: Using ritual to help the community cope with grief and loss Zuehlke, Matthew B  紙本資料
      Teaching on friendship in the Proverbs of Solomon (Prov 10:1--22:16 and Prov 25--29): A text-linguistic study Kim, Sung Jin  紙本資料
      The 2-step tales of Hahashka: Experiences in corporeality and embodiment in Aboriginal California Weighill, Tharon Paul  電子書
      "40 Views of the Yuanming yuan": Image and Ideology in a Qianlong Imperial Album of Poetry and Paintings Finlay, John R  紙本資料
      The 1922 Week of Modern Art and its celebrations: A study of historical reconstruction and nationalism in Brazil Mezzadri, Danilo  紙本資料
      A.A. Vantine and Company: Japanese Handcrafts for the American Consumer, 1895--1920 Yamamori, Yumiko  紙本資料
1188 其他項目    
      The 2-step tales of Hahashka: Experiences in corporeality and embodiment in Aboriginal California Weighill, Tharon Paul  電子書
      Accessing dance materials: An evaluation of library archival methods and dance preservation methods with applications for ritual dance Wilkinson, Kirsten N  電子書
      Adverse Camber: A ballet for questionable ensemble (Original composition) Deemer, Robert Clay  電子書
      Aesthetic dissidence: Feminist ballet historiography and the boundaries of the classical (Marie Salle, Ruth Page, Josephine Baker) Harris, Andrea  電子書
315 其他項目    
      The Actin-Binding Protein, Alpha-Catenin, in Wnt/Beta-Catenin Signaling and Intercellular Adhesion Daugherty, Rebecca  紙本資料
      Activating mutations of N-WASP reveal novel roles for N-WASP during Shigella infection Adamovich, David Allen  紙本資料
      Active roles of Gpa1, Scp160, and Apg14 in the yeast pheromone response pathway Guo, Ming  電子書
      The acute effects of differential dietary fatty acids on PDHa activity in human skeletal muscle at the onset of exercise Bradley, Nicolette Shannon  電子書
719 其他項目    
      Acculturation, pregnancy-related stress and birth outcomes in Mexican and Mexican-American women Chaponniere, Paulette A  紙本資料
      Adaptation of a best practice model for recognition and treatment of postpartum depression in a private obstetrics practice Long, Vicki Elizabeth  紙本資料
      Application of knowledge discovery in databases methodologies for predictive models for pregnancy adverse events Taft, Laritza M  紙本資料
      The application of the transtheoretical model to exercise behavior during pregnancy Steele, Nancy May  電子書
154 其他項目    
      Aquaporin-1 mediated fluid movement in ocular tissues Baetz, Nicholas William  紙本資料
      ArF excimer laser corneal ablation: Effects of laser repetition rate and fundamental laser-tissue coupling Shanyfelt, Leia Megan  紙本資料
      The artificial synapse chip: From proteins to prostheses Peterman, Mark Charles  電子書
      Assessing near work as a risk for myopia: The Better Evaluation of Eye Performance (BEEP) study Jeandervin, Marjorie Kay  電子書
71 其他項目    
      A 125kHz transmit/receive circuit for use in below-the-wrist amputation Spitznagel, Michael E  電子書
      Accessibility and attitudinal barriers encountered by travelers with physical disabilities in China Bi, Yuhua  電子書
      Achievement goal orientations in physical rehabilitation Lawson, Sonia Kristi  電子書
      Activity monitoring in individuals with Parkinson's disease White, Daniel Kenta  電子書
608 其他項目    
      Accounting for uncertainty in environmental health risk assessment Whitney, Melissa Jean  紙本資料
      Activation and roles of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor in mammary tumorigenesis Rolfe, Sandra Eugenia Solomon  紙本資料
      Advanced glucose biosensing and nano-composite research Uba, Humphreys Douglas I  紙本資料
      Alteration of histone modifications by arsenic, nickel and hypoxia Zhou, Xue  紙本資料
123 其他項目    
      The ability to taste 6-n-propylthiouracil (PROP) and its relation to a parent's emotional investment in the infant Jones, DeAnn  電子書
      Academic achievement and the self-regulation of study time: Quantitative and qualitative dimensions Kovach, Robert William  電子書
      Academic achievement of foster children: Child welfare workers' perceptions and practices Mata, Cindy Soledad  紙本資料
      Academic Success and Well-Being Following OEF/OIF Deployment Weber, Dana Joy  紙本資料
1053 其他項目    
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