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050 00 JC251.A74|bA5 2013 
100 1  Arendt, Hannah,|d1906-1975,|eauthor 
245 10 Hannah Arendt :|bthe last interview and other 
       conversations /|cHannah Arendt 
264  1 Brooklyn, NY :|bMelville House,|c[2013] 
300    136 pages ;|c21 cm 
336    text|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|2rdamedia 
338    volume|2rdacarrier 
490 1  the Last Interview series 
520    "A unique selection of the most significant interviews 
       given by Hannah Arendt, including the last she gave before
       her death in 1975. Some are published here in English for 
       the first time. Arendt was one of the most important 
       thinkers of her time, famous for her idea of "the banality
       of evil" which continues to provoke debate. This 
       collection provides new and startling insight into 
       Arendt's thoughts about Watergate and the nature of 
       American politics, about totalitarianism and history, and 
       her own experiences as an emigre. Hannah Arendt: The Last 
       Interview and Other Conversations is an extraordinary 
       portrait of one of the twentieth century's boldest and 
       most original thinkers. As well as Arendt's last interview
       with French journalist Roger Errera, the volume features 
       an important interview from the early 60s with German 
       journalist Gunter Gaus, in which the two discuss Arendt's 
       childhood and her escape from Europe, and a conversation 
       with acclaimed historian of the Nazi period, Joachim Fest,
       as well as other exchanges. These interviews show Arendt 
       in vigorous intellectual form, taking up the issues of her
       day with energy and wit. She offers comments on the nature
       of American politics, on Watergate and the Pentagon Papers,
       on Israel; remembers her youth and her early experience of
       anti-Semitism, and then the swift rise of the Hitler; 
       debates questions of state power and discusses her own 
       processes of thinking and writing. Hers is an intelligence
       that never rests, that demands always of her interlocutors,
       and her readers, that they think critically. As she puts 
       it in her last interview, just six months before her death
       at the age of 69, "there are no dangerous thoughts, for 
       the simple reason that thinking itself is such a dangerous
       enterprise.""--|cProvided by publisher 
600 10 Arendt, Hannah,|d1906-1975|vInterviews 
600 10 Arendt, Hannah,|d1906-1975|xPolitical and social views 
650  0 Political science|xPhilosophy 
830  0 Last interview series 
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