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100 1  Zhang, Shaoying,|d1982- 
245 10 Social policies and ethnic conflict in China|h[electronic 
       resource] :|blessons from Xinjiang /|cShaoying Zhang, 
       Derek McGhee 
250    1st ed 
260    Basingstoke :|bPalgrave Macmillan,|c2014 
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490 0  Politics and development of contemporary China 
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500    Epublication based on: 9781137436658 
505 0  1. Introduction   2. The Partner Assistant Programme: the 
       Examination of Policies and Unintended Consequences   3. 
       Fieldwork in China   4. The Configuration of Xinjiang's 
       Problems   5. Multi-Layered 'Unification': The Examination
       of Government Practices in PAP   6. Infrastructures of the
       Communist Party in Discourse Making and Resistances of Han
       Officials in Governing Uygur People   7. Discussion   8. 
516    Document 
520    This study addresses how China's policy response to 
       problems in Xinjiang is interpreted and implemented by 
       officials, who are both governing agents and governed 
       subjects by interviewing Chinese officials working in both
       Central government and Local governments.|bThe Xinjiang 
       Uygur Autonomous Region is one of China's most 
       strategically important, resource-rich and largest regions
       but also one of the country's most troublesome, the region
       now being synonymous with ethnic conflict and nationalist 
       movements. This detailed and compelling study sets out to 
       explore how the Chinese government has governed Xinjiang 
       in light of growing tensions in the region exploring 
       initiatives such as the partner assistance programme to 
       understand the extent to which attempts to reverse the 
       deteriorating situation have been effective. Furthermore, 
       this study also provides compelling insights into how 
       policies vary in different regions, focusing in particular
       on the role played by officials in interpreting and 
       implementing these policies within their specific locale. 
       It shows that Communist Party strategy and policy become 
       messy when introduced at a micro-level as local 
       governments interpret how these policies should work 
       within their particular region. As such, this text is 
       invaluable to students and scholars of policy-making and 
       implementation in China 
520 1  Shaoying Zhang and Derek McGhee should be commended for 
       providing an innovative and rigorous analysis of the 
       relationship between state policy and ethnic conflict in 
       Xinjiang. In particular, their focus on the ways in which 
       officials in Xinjiang selectively interpret and implement 
       central government policy illuminates the importance of 
       factoring in local agents of state power in analyses of 
       contemporary Chinese governance - Dr Michael Clarke, 
       Griffith Asia Institute, Queensland, Australia 
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545 0  Shaoying Zhang is Associate Professor of Sociology at 
       Yunnan Normal University, China.  Derek McGhee is 
       Professor of Sociology at the University of Southampton, 
650 7  Central government|zChina.|2bicssc 
650 7  Ethnic minorities & multicultural studies|zChina.|2bicssc 
650 7  Politics and Government.|2ukslc 
651  0 Xinjiang Uygur Zizhiqu (China)|xHistory|xAutonomy and 
       independence movements 
651  0 Xinjiang Uygur Zizhiqu (China)|xPolitics and government
       |y21st century 
651  0 Xinjiang Uygur Zizhiqu (China)|xSocial conditions|y21st 
700 1  McGhee, Derek 
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