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245 00 New voices in higher education research and scholarship /
       |cFilipa M. Ribeiro, Yurgos Politis, and Bojana Culum, 
264  1 Hershey, Pennsylvania (701 E. Chocolate Avenue, Hershey, 
       Pa., 17033, USA) :|bIGI Global,|c[2015] 
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504    Includes bibliographical references 
505 0  Citius, altius, fortius: mobilising the university for the
       "Europe of knowledge" / Romulo Pinheiro -- Strategic 
       management of academic human resources: a comparative 
       analysis of flagship universities in Norway, Finland, 
       Switzerland, and Austria / Tatiana Fumasoli -- Funds of 
       knowledge and epistemic authority in higher education / 
       Filipa M. Ribeiro, Miranda Lubbers -- A need for new 
       methodological communication in comparative higher 
       education research projects? / Kristin Lofthus Hope -- 
       Quality of doctoral research supervision: contributions of
       an integrative and fluid framework to evaluate and monitor
       the process / Ana Vitoria Baptista -- Technology centres: 
       an extended internal labour market for PhD holders in 
       Spain / Susana Pablo-Hernando -- Higher education and 
       globalization / Neus Lorenzo, Ray Gallon -- Tracing the 
       use of communication technologies in higher education / 
       Fernando Ramos [and 12 others] -- University teachers' use
       of digital technologies: the realities from Mongolia and 
       Chile / Daariimaa Marav, Michelle Espinoza -- Contributing
       to an evidence base for the enhancement of the experiences
       and outcomes of mature students at an Irish university / 
       Emma Murphy, Yurgos Politis, Maria Slowey -- Roma social 
       inclusion through higher education policies in Romania / 
       Delia Bîrle, Daniela Crisan, Elena Bonchis, Laura Bochis, 
       Carmen Popa -- International student perceptions of ethics
       in a business pathway course / Donna M. Velliaris, Craig 
       R. Willis, Janine M. Pierce -- Does accredited 
       professional development for academics improve teaching 
       and learning in higher education? / Claire McAvinia, 
       Roisin Donnelly, Orla Hanratty, Jen Harvey -- Case study 
       of a hybrid undergraduate elementary certification program
       / Carmen Popa [and five others] -- Contemporary challenges
       and preschool teachers' education in Croatia: the 
       evaluation of the new study program of early/preschool 
       care and education at faculty of teacher education in 
       Rijeka / Sanja Tatalovic Vorkapic, Lidija Vujicic, Zeljko 
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520 3  "This book explores the role of higher education in 
       today's society, discussing the rapidly changing nature of
       higher education around the globe, especially the 
       relationship between higher education and social 
       development"--Provided by publisher 
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650  0 Education, Higher|xResearch|xMethodology 
650  0 Qualitative research 
653    Collaborative projects 
653    Diversity issues 
653    Emerging technologies 
653    Globalization 
653    Knowledge creation 
653    MOOCs 
653    Role of religion 
653    Social networks 
700 1  Ribeiro, Filipa M.,|d1981-|eeditor 
700 1  Politis, Yurgos,|eeditor 
700 1  Culum, Bojana,|eeditor 
710 2  IGI Global,|epublisher 
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