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100 1  Dore, Giovanna Maria Dora,|eed 
245 10 Incomplete democracies in the Asia-Pacific|h[electronic 
       resource] :|bevidence from Indonesia, Korea, the 
       Philippines and Thailand /|cEdited by Giovanna Maria Dora 
       Dore, Jae H. Ku, Karl Jackson 
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490 0  Critical studies of the Asia-Pacific 
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505 0  1. Introduction-- Giovanna Maria Dora Dore and Karl D. 
       Jackson  2. Democracy is not the only game in town: 
       Democratic and Authoritarian Attitudes in Indonesia, the 
       Philippines, South Korea and Thailand-- Giovanna Maria 
       Dora Dore  3. Democratization and the Middle Class in 
       Indonesia: Waiting for Godot?-- Karl D. Jackson  4. The 
       Decline of Political Participation in South Korea between 
       2000 and 2011-- Jae H. Ku  5. From Subjects to Citizens: 
       Democratic Consolidation in Thailand between 2000 and 
       20011-- Prinat Apirat  6. The Philippines: Who votes, who 
       participates, and why?-- Giovanna Maria Dora Dore  7. 
       Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction with Political Leaders in
       Indonesia, the Philippines, South Korea and Thailand-- 
       James Marshall Kirby  8. Conclusions-- Jae H. Ku 
516    Document 
520    This collection presents a varied picture of the state of 
       democracy in Asia, revealing unique findings from a 
       project entitled the 'Asia Democracy Initiative' which 
       explored the role of ordinary people in democratization 
       through the rise of expressive social values in Indonesia,
       South Korea, the Philippines and Thailand.|bThis 
       collection presents a nuanced and varied picture of the 
       state of democracy in Asia, using the findings from a 
       pioneering study, the Asia Democracy Initiative, to 
       explore the role of ordinary people in democratization 
       through the rise of expressive social values.  The volume 
       shows how and why factors such as the emergence of the 
       middle class, civil society organizations or non-electoral
       participation, do not seem to play the role that 
       democratic theory suggests. The findings from Indonesia, 
       South Korea, the Philippines and Thailand, reveal how 
       unique the region's paths to democracy are, in comparison 
       to other regions, and particularly those of western 
       liberal democracies, but also the substantial progress 
       needed before transitional democracies become fully 
       consolidated across Asia 
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545 0  Giovanna Maria Dora Dore is a Fellow in the Asia Studies 
       Program at John Hopkins SAIS, USA. She has worked for over
       a decade as a political economist for the World Bank Group,
       where she has focused on Asia and also served as a special
       assistant to the President.  Jae H. Ku is the Director of 
       the U.S.-Korea Institute at SAIS, USA. He has taught at 
       John Hopkins SAIS, Brown University, Yonsei University and
       Sookmyung Women's University in Seoul.  Karl D. Jackson is
       Director of Asian Studies and the C.V. Starr Distinguished
       Professor of Southeast Asian Studies at John Hopkins SAIS,
       USA. He was national security advisor to the vice 
       president of the US and his numerous publications include 
       Asian Contagion and Cambodia: 1975-1978 
650  0 Democracy|zAsia 
650  0 Democracy|zPacific Area 
650 7  Comparative politics|zIndonesia|zKorea|zPhilippines
650 7  International relations|zIndonesia|zKorea|zPhilippines
650 7  Political structures: democracy|zIndonesia|zKorea
650 7  Politics and Government.|2ukslc 
650 7  Regional government|zIndonesia|zKorea|zPhilippines
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700 1  Jackson, Karl,|eed 
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