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100 1  Rozenbaum, V. M 
245 10 Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Orientationally Structured 
264  1 Singapore :|bWorld Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd,|c2002
264  4 |c©2002 
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490 1  World Scientific Lecture and Course Notes in Chemistry 
       Ser. ;|vv.7 
505 0  Intro -- Contents -- Preface -- 1. Introduction -- 2. 
       Orientational structures of adsorbates -- 2.1. Brief 
       survey of experimental data and theoretical approaches -- 
       2.2. Orientational ordering in two-dimensional dipole 
       systems -- 2.3. Lateral interactions of nonpolar molecules
       and expressing them in a quasi-dipole form -- 2.4. Ground 
       states and phase transitions for a system of nonpolar 
       molecules on a square lattice -- 2.5. Orientational phase 
       transitions in planar systems of nonpolar molecules -- 3. 
       Dispersion laws for collective excitations on complex 
       planar lattices -- 3.1. Complex orientational structures 
       and corresponding Davydov-split spectral lines -- 3.2. 
       Lattice-sublattice relations and its application to 
       orientational structures on square and honeycomb lattices 
       -- 3.3. Chain orientational structures on planar lattices 
       -- 4. Temperature dependences of spectral line shifts and 
       widths -- 4.1. Resonant nature of low-frequency collective
       excitations of  adsorbed molecules -- 4.2. Markov 
       approximation for Green's functions of molecular 
       subsystems in the condensed phase -- 4.2.1. The exact 
       solution for the exchange dephasing model -- 4.2.2. 
       Valence-deformation vibrations of a molecular subsystem in
       condensed phase -- 4.2.3. Perturbation theory for 
       transition rates in the Pauli equation -- 4.3. 
       Generalization of the exchange dephasing model to various 
       cases of anharmonic coupling between high-frequency and 
       low-frequency modes and to the case of collectivized 
       excitations in adsorbate -- 4.3.1. Contribution of dipolar
       dispersion laws to dephasing of high-frequency collective 
       vibrations -- 4.3.2. A simple model for collective high-
       frequency and low-frequency molecular modes -- Appendix 1.
       Local and resonance states for a system of bound harmonic 
505 8  Appendix 2. Thermally activated reorientations and tunnel 
       relaxation of orientational states in a phonon field -- 
       Appendix 3. The spectral function of local vibration (low-
       temperature approximation involving collectivized high-
       frequency and low-frequency modes) -- Bibliography -- 
       Subject index -- Author index 
520    This book provides a detailed and rigorous presentation of
       the spectroscopy and dynamics of orientationally 
       structured adsorbates. It is intended largely for 
       specialists and graduate students in solid state theory 
       and surface physics. To make the book readable also for 
       beginners in surface science, a lucid style is used and a 
       wealth of references on orientational surface structures 
       and vibrational excitations in them is offered. The book 
       is supplemented with two indices (alphabetical listing of 
       subjects and authors, as well as cross-references) which 
       will enable the reader to easily access the information 
       both on principal concepts involved and on specific 
       adsorbate compositions. Contents: Orientational Structures
       of Adsorbates; Dispersion Laws for Collective Excitations 
       on Complex Planar Lattices; Temperature Dependences of 
       Spectral Line Shifts and Widths. Readership: Graduate 
       students, academics, researchers and industrialists in 
       surface science as well as condensed matter, molecular, 
       statistical and theoretical physics 
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650  0 Surface chemistry.;Adsorption.;Spectrum analysis 
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700 1  Lin, S. H 
700 1  Leong, H.T 
700 1  Phua, K.K 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aRozenbaum, V. M.|tSpectroscopy and 
       Dynamics of Orientationally Structured Adsorbates
       |dSingapore : World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd,c2002
830  0 World Scientific Lecture and Course Notes in Chemistry Ser
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