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245 00 Paleontological collections of Germany, Austria and 
       Switzerland :|bthe history of life of fossil organisms at 
       museums and universities /|cedited by Lothar A. Beck, 
       Ulrich Joger 
264  1 Cham :|bSpringer International Publishing :|bImprint: 
300    1 online resource (xiii, 573 pages) :|billustrations, 
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490 1  Natural history collections,|x2510-1862 
505 0  Research and open questions - a modern concept behind 
       Berlins T. rex presentation of Tristan Otto -- Scientific 
       Methods of Geological and Paleontological Collections and 
       Trends in Paleontological Investigation and Research -- 
       BAMBERG: The paleontological collection at the Museum of 
       Natural History in Bamberg (NKMB) -- BASEL: The Natural 
       History Museum Basel (NMB) -- BERLIN: The palaeontological
       collections of the Museum fur Naturkunde Berlin -- BERN: 
       The Natural History Museum Bern - an Institution of the 
       Burgergemeinde of Bern -- BIELEFELD: Not worth mentioning?
       Paleontological collections of small museums: the example 
       of Bielefeld (Noth Rhine Westphalia, Germany) -- 
       BILZINGSLEBEN: The Bilzingsleben collection -- 
       BRAUNSCHWEIG: The Paleontological Collection of the State 
       Museum of Natural History (SNHM) in Braunschweig, Germany 
       -- BREMEN: The paleontological research collection of the 
       Geosciences Collection of the University of Bremen -- 
       CHEMNITZ: Back to the roots of palaeobotany - Chemnitz and
       its palaeontological collection -- COBURG: Naturkunde-
       Museum Coburg - Paleontological collections -- COTTBUS: 
       Museum of Natural History and Environment in Cottbus -- 
       DARMSTADT: The paleontological collections of Hessisches 
       Landesmuseum Darmstadt -- DESSAU: Museum of Natural 
       History and Prehistory Dessau: Paleontological Collection 
       -- DORTMUND: Museum fur Naturkunde der Stadt Dortmund 
520    This book is devoted to 250 years of collecting, 
       organizing and preserving paleontological specimens by 
       generations of scientists. Paleontological collections are
       a huge resource for modern research and should be 
       available for national and international scientists and 
       institutions, as well as prospective public and private 
       customers. These collections are an important part of the 
       scientific enterprise, supporting research, public 
       education, and the documentation of past biodiversity. 
       Much of what we are beginning to understand about our 
       world, we owe to the collection, preservation, and ongoing
       study of natural specimens. Properly preserved collections
       of fossil marine or terrestrial plants and animals are 
       archives of Earth's history and vital to our ability to 
       learn about our place in its future. The approach employed
       by the editors involves not only an introduction to the 
       paleontological collections in general, but also 
       information on the international and national collection 
       networks. Particular attention is given to new exhibition 
       concepts and approaches of sorting, preserving and 
       researching in paleontological collections and also their 
       neglect and/or threat. In addition, the book provides 
       information on all big public museums, on important state 
       museums and regional Museums, and also on university 
       collections. This is a highly informative and carefully 
       presented book, providing scientific insight for readers 
       with an interest in fossil record, biodiversity, taxonomy,
       or evolution, as well as natural history collections at 
650  0 Fossils|xCollection and preservation|zGermany 
650  0 Fossils|xCollection and preservation|zAustria 
650  0 Fossils|xCollection and preservation|zSwitzerland 
650  0 Type specimens (Natural history) 
650 14 Biodiversity 
650 24 Paleontology 
650 24 History of Biology 
700 1  Beck, Lothar A.,|eeditor 
700 1  Joger, Ulrich,|eeditor 
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