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245 10 Stem cells in development and disease|h[electronic 
       resource] /|cedited by Michael Rendl 
260    Burlington :|bElsevier Science,|c2014 
300    1 online resource (503 pages) 
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490 1  Current topics in developmental biology ;|v107 
500    7. Control of MaSCs by Steroid Hormones 
505 0  Front Cover; Stem Cells in Development and Disease; 
       Copyright; Contents; Contributors; Preface; Chapter One: 
       Mechanisms of Pluripotency In Vivo and In Vitro; 1. 
       Introduction; 2. Phases of Lineage Restriction; 3. First 
       Lineage Specification-ICM Versus TE Cell Fate; 4. Second 
       Lineage Specification-EPI Versus PE Cell Fate; 5. 
       Maintenance of Early Cell Lineages-Relevance to 
       Pluripotent Stem Cells; 6. Growth Factor Signaling 
       Requirements in EPI-Derived Stem Cells: In Vivo 
       Similarities and Differences; 6.1. Leukemia inhibitory 
       factor; 6.2. Bone morphogenic protein; 6.3. Fibroblast 
       growth factor 
505 8  6.4. Wnt6.5. Activin and Nodal; 7. Concluding Remarks; 
       Acknowledgments; References; Chapter Two: Hematopoietic 
       Stem Cell Development: An Epigenetic Journey; 1. 
       Introduction; 2. Principles of Epigenetic Regulation; 2.1.
       DNA methylation; 2.2. Covalent histone modifications; 3. 
       Epigenetic Regulation of Hematopoiesis; 3.1. Hematopoietic
       development; 3.1.1. DNA methylation; 3.1.2. Histone 
       methylation; Polycomb-repressive complexes; Other histone modifications; 3.2. Balance between
       maintenance of stemness in HSCs and lineage commitment; 
       3.2.1. DNA methylation 
505 8  3.2.2. Chromatin modifications3.2.2.1. Histone modifiers; Polycomb-repressive complexes; 3.3. HSC aging; 4.
       Role of Epigenetic Regulators in Hematopoietic 
       Malignancies; 5. Conclusions; Acknowledgments; References;
       Chapter Three: Intestinal Stem Cells and Their Defining 
       Niche; 1. The Mammalian Small Intestine; 1.1. The 
       intestinal epithelium; 2. Intestinal Stem Cells; 2.1. The 
       long search for the elusive intestinal stem cells; 2.2. 
       Assaying for adult stem cells; 2.3. CBC markers; 2.4. +4 
       Markers; 2.5. Stem cell markers: A specificity debate 
505 8  3. Characterizing Stem Cell Behavior During Homeostasis 
       and Disease4. Reconciling the Opposing ISC Models; 5. The 
       Stem Cell Niche; 5.1. Concept of a niche; 5.2. ISC niche; 
       5.3. Stromal microenvironment; 5.4. The Paneth cell; 
       5.4.1. Paneth cell function; 5.5. Ablating Paneth cells in
       vivo; 5.6. Signaling within the niche; 6. Studying ISCs Ex
       Vivo; 7. Conclusion; Acknowledgments; References; Chapter 
       Four: Epithelial Stem Cells in Adult Skin; 1. 
       Introduction; 2. Stem Cells in the Interfollicular 
       Epidermis; 3. Stem Cells in the Pilosebaceous Unit; 4. 
       Stem Cells in the Sweat Gland 
505 8  5. Components of Adult Stem Cell Niches in the Skin5.1. 
       Intrinsic regulation of stem cell function; 5.2. Cell 
       extrinsic regulation of SC function; 6. Stem Cells in 
       Epithelial Skin Cancers; 7. Concluding Remarks; 
       Acknowledgments; References; Chapter Five: The Mammary 
       Stem Cell Hierarchy; 1. Introduction; 2. Identification of
       Adult Mouse MaSCs; 3. The Isolation of Distinct Mammary 
       Luminal Progenitor Cells; 4. In Vivo Lineage Tracing in 
       the Mammary Gland; 5. Evidence for the Existence of Fetal 
       MaSCs; 6. Elucidation of a Functionally Analogous 
       Epithelial Hierarchy in Human Breast 
520    This new volume of Current Topics in Developmental Biology
       coversStem Cells in Development and Disease. The chapters 
       provide a comprehensive set of reviews covering such 
       topics as the mechanisms of pluripotency in vivo and in 
       vitro, hematopoietic stem cell development, intestinal 
       stem cells and their defining niche, epithelial stem cells
       in adult skin, the mammary stem cell hierarchy, satellite 
       cells, neural stem cells of the hippocampus, lung stem and
       progenitor cells in tissue homeostasis and disease, 
       spermatogonial stem cell functions in physiological and 
       pathological conditions, the ori 
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650  4 Stem cells 
655  4 Electronic books 
700 1  Rendl, Michael 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aRendl, Michael.|tStem Cells in 
       Development and Disease.|dBurlington : Elsevier Science, 
830  0 Current topics in developmental biology ;|v107 
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