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2196-6753 : 數學所圖書室; 紙本資料     
      Analysis 館內使用   紙本資料 1981-
2196-6966 ;    
      Computational phonogram archiving / edited by Rolf Bader   電腦檔 2019
      A NIME reader : fifteen years of new interfaces for musical expression / edited by Alexander Refsum Jensenius, Michael J. Lyons   電子書 2017
      Psychoacoustic music sound field synthesis : creating spaciousness for composition, performance, acoustics and perception / by Tim Ziemer Ziemer, Tim,  電腦檔 2020
      Studies in musical acoustics and psychoacoustics [electronic resource] / edited by Albrecht Schneider   電腦檔 2017
      Advances in dye removal technologies / by Sourav Mondal, Mihir Kumar Purkait, Sirshendu De Mondal, Sourav,  電腦檔 2018
      Advances in photocatalytic disinfectio [electronic resource] / edited by Taicheng An, Huijun Zhao, Po Keung Wong   電腦檔 2017
      Alternative solvents for natural products extraction [electronic resource] / edited by Farid Chemat, Maryline Abert Vian   電子書 2014
      Application of Hydrothermal Reactions to Biomass Conversion [electronic resource] / edited by Fangming Jin   電腦檔 2014
19 其他項目    
2196-7040 : 統計所圖書館; 紙本資料     
      Statistics & risk modeling : with applications in finance and insurance 處理中   紙本資料 c2011-
      Building new bridges between business and society : recent research and new cases in CSR, sustainability, ethics and governance / edited by Hualiang Lu, Rene Schmidpeter, Nicholas Capaldi, Liangrong Zu   電腦檔 2018
      Chinese strategic decision-making on CSR / by Shuo Wang Wang, Shuo,  電子書 2015
      Christian ethics and corporate culture [electronic resource] : a critical view on corporate responsibilities / edited by Bartholomew Okonkwo   電腦檔 2014
      Clean, green and responsible? : soundings from down under / edited by Gabriel Eweje, Ralph J. Bathurst   電腦檔 2019
69 其他項目    
2196-7121 / Online version: Vierteljahrshefte für Zeitgeschichte (DLC) 2009235783 (OCoLC)252503946 : 近史所郭廷以圖書館, 人社中心期刊區, 歐美所圖書館 ; 期刊     
      Vierteljahrshefte für Zeitgeschichte 館內使用, 在架上, 已報銷   期刊
2196-7148 (Online) : 傅斯年圖書館, 人文社會聯圖 ; 紙本資料     
      STUF : Language typology & universals 館內使用   紙本資料 1947-
2196-7326 ;    
      Advanced image and video processing using MATLAB / by Shengrong Gong, Chunping Liu, Yi Ji, Baojiang Zhong, Yonggang Li, Husheng Dong Gong, Shengrong,  電腦檔 2019
      Control strategies and co-design of networked control systems : considering time delay effects / by Hector Benitez-Perez, Jorge L. Ortega-Arjona, Paul E. Mendez-Monroy, Ernesto Rubio-Acosta, Oscar A. Esquivel-Flores Benitez-Perez, Hector,  電腦檔 2019
      Deep learning classifiers with memristive networks : theory and applications / edited by Alex Pappachen James   電腦檔 2020
      Digging into software knowledge generation in cultural heritage : modeling assistance strategies for large archaeological data sets / by Patricia Martin-Rodilla Martin-Rodilla, Patricia,  電腦檔 2018
9 其他項目    
2196-7806 ;    
      General momentum theory for horizontal axis wind turbines / by Jens Norkaer Sorensen Sorensen, Jens Norkaer,  電子書 2016
      Power electronics for the next generation wind turbine system / by Ke Ma Ma, Ke,  電子書 2015
      Smart rotor modeling [electronic resource] : aero-servo-elastic modeling of a smart rotor with adaptive trailing edge flaps / by Leonardo Bergami Bergami, Leonardo  電子書 2014
      Wind energy - impact of turbulence [electronic resource] / edited by Michael Holling, Joachim Peinke, Stefan Ivanell   電腦檔 2014
      Wind turbine aerodynamics and vorticity-based methods : fundamentals and recent applications / by Emmanuel Branlard Branlard, Emmanuel,  電子書 2017
      AiREAS : sustainocracy for a healthy city : the invisible made visible Phase 1 / edited by Jean-Paul Close   電子書 2016
      Challenges for sustainable solid waste management : Lessons from Thailand / by Chanathip Pharino Pharino, Chanathip,  電子書 2017
      Creating shared value [electronic resource] : impacts of Nestle in Moga, India / by Asit K. Biswas ... [et al.]   電腦檔 2014
      Travel behaviour modification (TBM) program for adolescents in Penang Island : intervention ideas to promote sustainable transport / by Nur Sabahiah Abdul Sukor, Nur Khairiyah Basri Sukor, Nur Sabahiah Abdul,  電腦檔 2019
      Audit reporting for going concern uncertainty : global trends and the case study of Italy / by Sandro Brunelli Brunelli, Sandro,  電腦檔 2018
      Customer accounting : creating value with customer analytics / by Massimiliano Bonacchi, Paolo Perego Bonacchi, Massimiliano,  電腦檔 2019
      A study of professional skepticism [electronic resource] / by Carmen Olsen Olsen, Carmen  電腦檔 2017
      Towards integrated reporting [electronic resource] : accounting change in the public sector / by Epameinondas Katsikas, Francesca Manes Rossi, Rebecca L. Orelli Katsikas, Epameinondas  電腦檔 2017
      Transfer prices and management accounting / by Peter Schuster Schuster, Peter,  電子書 2015
      Benchmarking transaction and analytical processing systems [electronic resource] : the creation of a mixed workload benchmark and its application / by Anja Bog Bog, Anja  電腦檔 2014
      Building a columnar database on RAMCloud : database design for the low-latency enabled data center / by Christian Tinnefeld Tinnefeld, Christian,  電子書 2016
      High-performance in-memory genome data analysis [electronic resource] : how in-memory database technology accelerates personalized medicine / edited by Hasso Plattner, Matthieu-P. Schapranow   電腦檔 2014
      Multi tenancy for cloud-based in-memory column databases [electronic resource] : workload management and data placement / by Jan Schaffner Schaffner, Jan  電腦檔 2014
      Advances and new trends in environmental and energy informatics : selected and extended contributions from the 28th international conference on informatics for environmental protection / edited by Jorge Marx Gomez, Michael Sonnenschein, Ute Vogel, Andreas Winter, Barbara Rapp, Nils Giesen   電子書 2016
      Advances and new trends in environmental informatics [electronic resource] : stability, continuity, innovation / edited by Volker Wohlgemuth, Frank Fuchs-Kittowski, Jochen Wittmann   電腦檔 2017
      Agile Software Development Teams / by Christoph Schmidt Schmidt, Christoph,  電子書 2016
      Augmented reality and virtual reality : empowering human, place and business / edited by Timothy Jung, M. Claudia tom Dieck   電腦檔 2018
45 其他項目    
2196-8772 ;    
      Maritime women : global leadership / edited by Momoko Kitada, Erin Williams, Lisa Loloma Froholdt   電子書 2015
      Shipping operations management / edited by I.D. Visvikis, P.M. Panayides   電子書 2017
      Sustainable shipping in a changing Arctic / edited by Lawrence P. Hildebrand, Lawson W. Brigham, Tafsir M. Johansson   電腦檔 2018
      Trends and challenges in maritime energy management / edited by Aykut I. Olcer, Momoko Kitada, Dimitrios Dalaklis, Fabio Ballini   電腦檔 2018
      Bhaskara-prabha/ K. Ramasubramanian, Takao Hayashi, Clemency Montelle, editors 在架上   紙本資料 2019
      Magic squares : their history and construction from ancient times to AD 1600 / by Jacques Sesiano Sesiano, Jacques,  電腦檔 2019
      A critical edition of ibn al-haytham's on the shape of the eclipse : the first experimental study of the camera obscura / Dominique Raynaud 在架上   紙本資料 2016
      A critical edition of Ibn al-Haytham's On the shape of the eclipse : the first experimental study of the camera obscura / by Dominique Raynaud Raynaud, Dominique,  電腦檔 2016
21 其他項目    
      Computational intelligence and big data analytics : applications in bioinformatics / by Ch. Satyanarayana, Kunjam Nageswara Rao, Richard G. Bush Satyanarayana, Ch,  電腦檔 2019
      Internet of things and personalized healthcare systems / by P. Venkata Krishna, Sasikumar Gurumoorthy, Mohammad S. Obaidat Venkata Krishna, P.,  電腦檔 2019
      Social network forensics, cyber security, and machine learning / by P. Venkata Krishna, Sasikumar Gurumoorthy, Mohammad S. Obaidat Venkata Krishna, P.,  電腦檔 2019
      Application of infrared to biomedical sciences / edited by Eddie Y.K. Ng, Mahnaz Etehadtavakol   電子書 2017
      Atrial fibrillation from an engineering perspective / edited by Leif Sornmo   電腦檔 2018
      Autonomic nervous system dynamics for mood and emotional-state recognition [electronic resource] : significant advances in data acquisition, signal processing and classification / by Gaetano Valenza, Enzo Pasquale Scilingo Valenza, Gaetano  電腦檔 2014
      Bioactive glasses [electronic resource] : potential biomaterials for future therapy / by Gurbinder Kaur Kaur, Gurbinder  電腦檔 2017
13 其他項目    
      Cardiac drug therapy / by M. Gabriel Khan Khan, M. Gabriel,  電子書 2015
      Cardiovascular hemodynamics : an introductory guide / edited by Arman T. Askari, Adrian W. Messerli   電腦檔 2019
      Cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging / edited by Raymond Y. Kwong, Michael Jerosch-Herold, Bobak Heydari   電腦檔 2019
      Comprehensive cardiovascular medicine in the primary care setting / edited by Peter P. Toth, Christopher P. Cannon   電腦檔 2019
4 其他項目    
      Adult stem cell therapies : alternatives to plasticity / edited by Mariusz Z. Ratajczak   電腦檔 2014
      Adult stem cells [electronic resource] / edited by Kursad Turksen   電腦檔 2014
      Advances in stem cell therapy [electronic resource] : bench to bedside / edited by Nagwa El-Badri   電腦檔 2017
      Autophagy in health and disease : potential therapeutic approaches / edited by Kursad Turksen   電腦檔 2018
35 其他項目    
2196-9000 (Online) : 人文社會聯圖; 紙本資料     
      Geschichte und Gesellschaft : Zeitschrift für Historische Sozialwissenschaft 館內使用   紙本資料 1975-
2196-9647 : 人文社會聯圖; 期刊     
      Man and the economy [electronic resource]   期刊 2014-
2196-9787 ;    
      Analyse lexicale des verbes français exprimant la cause : à partir de l'exemple de déterminer et de produire / Katarzyna Gabrysiak Gabrysiak, Katarzyna,; 在架上   紙本資料 2015
      Linguistique du discours : de l'intra- à l'interphrastique / Teresa Muryn, Salah Mejri, éds. 在架上   紙本資料 2015
2196-9906 ;    
      BRAF targets in melanoma : biological mechanisms, resistance, and drug discovery / edited by Ryan J. Sullivan   電子書 2015
      Developments in T cell based cancer immunotherapies / edited by Paolo A. Ascierto, David F. Stroncek, Ena Wang   電子書 2015
      DNA and histone methylation as cancer targets / edited by Atsushi Kaneda, Yu-ichi Tsukada   電子書 2017
      Estrogen receptor and breast cancer : celebrating the 60th anniversary of the discovery of ER / edited by Xiaoting Zhang   電腦檔 2019
14 其他項目    
2196-9922 / Springer Monographs in Mathematics, : Constanda, C.; 數學所圖書室; 紙本資料     
      Mathematical methods for elastic plates / Christian Constanda Constanda, C.; 在架上   紙本資料 2014
2196-9957 ; / Lecture notes in economic and mathematical systems, 684 : Horsley, Anthony,; 數學所圖書室; 紙本資料     
      The short-run approach to long-run equilibrium in competitive markets : a general theory with application to peak-load pricing with storage / Anthony Horsley, Andrew J. Wrobel Horsley, Anthony,; 在架上   紙本資料 2016
      A critical introduction to language evolution : current controversies and future prospects / Ljiljana Progovac Progovac, Ljiljana,; 在架上   紙本資料 2019
      Designing research on bilingual development : behavioral and neurolinguistic experiments / by Monika S. Schmid, Sanne M. Berends, Christopher Bergmann, Susanne M. Brouwer, Nienke Meulman, Bregtje J. Seton, Simone A. Sprenger, Laurie A. Stowe Schmid, Monika S.,  電子書 2016
      Language, social media and ideologies : translingual Englishes, Facebook and authenticities / by Sender Dovchin Dovchin, Sender,  電腦檔 2020
      Southern Min (Hokkien) as a migrating language : a comparative study of language shift and maintenance across national borders / Picus Sizhi Ding Ding, Picus Sizhi,; 在架上   紙本資料 2016
5 其他項目    
2197-0009. Expert briefs / SpringerBriefs in linguistics, : Winters, Margaret E.,; 人文社會聯圖; 紙本資料     
      Cognitive linguistics for linguists / Margaret E. Winters, Geoffrey S. Nathan Winters, Margaret E.,; 在架上   紙本資料 2020
      Coal fired flue gas mercury emission controls / by Jiang Wu, Yan Cao, Weiguo Pan, Weiping Pan Wu, Jiang,  電子書 2015
      Gas discharge and gas insulation / by Dengming Xiao Xiao, Dengming,  電子書 2016
      High-temperature H2S removal from IGCC coarse gas / by Jiang Wu, Dongjing Liu, Weiguo Zhou, Qizhen Liu, Yaji Huang Wu, Jiang,  電腦檔 2018
      Modeling and control in air-conditioning systems [electronic resource] / by Ye Yao, Yuebin Yu Yao, Ye  電腦檔 2017
2 其他項目    
2197-0718 ; / Wiener Forum für Theologie und Religion, Band 13 : 文哲所; 紙本資料     
      Die Klassische deutsche Philosophie und ihre Folgen / Michael Hackl, Christian Danz (Hg.) 在架上   紙本資料 2017
2197-117X ;    
      Delay systems [electronic resource] : from theory to numerics and applications / edited by Tomas Vyhlidal, Jean-Francois Lafay, Rifat Sipahi   電腦檔 2014
      Delays and interconnections : methodology, algorithms and applications / edited by Giorgio Valmorbida, Alexandre Seuret, Islam Boussaada, Rifat Sipahi   電腦檔 2019
      Delays and networked control systems / edited by Alexandre Seuret, Laurentiu Hetel, Jamal Daafouz, Karl H. Johansson   電子書 2016
      Limits of stability and stabilization of time-delay systems : a small-gain approach / by Jing Zhu, Tian Qi, Dan Ma, Jie Chen Zhu, Jing,  電腦檔 2018
5 其他項目    
      Alien encounter [electronic resource] : a scientific novel / by Dirk Schulze-Makuch Schulze-Makuch, Dirk  電腦檔 2014
      All the wonder that would be : exploring past notions of the future / by Stephen Webb Webb, Stephen,  電子書 2017
      Beyond human [electronic resource] : engineering our future evolution / by Erik Seedhouse Seedhouse, Erik  電子書 2014
      The caloris network : a scientific novel / by Nick Kanas Kanas, Nick,  電子書 2016
32 其他項目    
2197-1684 ; / Studies in communication and politics, Vol. 1 : 人文社會聯圖; 紙本資料     
      Political communication in the era of new technologies / Bogusława Dobek-Ostrowska, Jan Garlicki (eds.) 在架上   紙本資料 2013
      Designing urban food policies : concepts and approaches / edited by Caroline Brand, Nicolas Bricas, Damien Conare, Benoit Daviron, Julie Debru, Laura Michel, Christophe-Toussaint Soulard   電腦檔 2019
      Family urban agriculture in Russia : lessons and prospects / by Louiza M. Boukharaeva, Marcel Marloie Boukharaeva, Louiza M.,  電子書 2015
      Informal urban agriculture : the secret lives of guerrilla gardeners / by Michael Hardman, Peter J. Larkham Hardman, Michael,  電子書 2014
      Participatory design and self-building in shared urban open spaces : community gardens and casitas in New York City / by Carolin Mees Mees, Carolin,  電腦檔 2017
2 其他項目    
2197-1757 ;    
      Approximate quantum Markov chains / by David Sutter Sutter, David,  電腦檔 2018
      Bessel processes, schramm-loewner evolution, and the Dyson model / by Makoto Katori Katori, Makoto,  電子書 2016
      Classical mirror symmetry / by Masao Jinzenji Jinzenji, Masao,  電腦檔 2018
      A combinatorial perspective on quantum field theory [electronic resource] / by Karen Yeats Yeats, Karen  電腦檔 2017
27 其他項目    
      Advanced calculus [electronic resource] : a differential forms approach / by Harold M. Edwards Edwards, Harold M  電腦檔 2014
      Computational signal processing with wavelets / by Anthony Teolis Teolis, Anthony,  電子書 2017
      Foundations of fluid mechanics with applications : problem solving using Mathematica / by Sergey P. Kiselev, Evgenii V. Vorozhtsov, Vasily M. Fomin Kiselev, Sergey P.,  電腦檔 2017
      Ginzburg-Landau vortices / by Fabrice Bethuel, Haim Brezis, Frederic Helein Bethuel, Fabrice,  電子書 2017
6 其他項目    
      Hermitian analysis : from Fourier series to Cauchy-Riemann geometry / John P. D'Angelo D'Angelo, John P.,  地圖 2013
      Hermitian analysis : from Fourier series to Cauchy-Riemann geometry / John P. D'Angelo D'Angelo, John P.,; 在架上   紙本資料 2013
      Hermitian analysis [electronic resource] : from Fourier series to Cauchy-Riemann geometry / by John P. D'Angelo D'Angelo, John P  電腦檔 2013
      Functional analysis : fundamentals and applications / Michel Willem Willem, Michel,  地圖 2013
2 其他項目    
2197-1900 ;    
      Analysis and modeling of coordinated multi-neuronal activity / edited by Masami Tatsuno   電子書 2015
      Computational glioscience / edited by Maurizio De Pitta, Hugues Berry   電腦檔 2019
      The computing dendrite [electronic resource] : from structure to function / edited by Hermann Cuntz, Michiel W.H. Remme, Benjamin Torben-Nielsen   電腦檔 2014
      Neuromechanical modeling of posture and locomotion / edited by Boris I. Prilutsky, Donald H. Edwards   電子書 2016
2 其他項目    
      Handbook of research and practice in heritage language education / edited by Peter Pericles Trifonas, Themistoklis Aravossitas   電腦檔 2018
      Handbook of technology education / edited by Marc J. de Vries   電腦檔 2018
      International handbook of early childhood education. Volume I / edited by Marilyn Fleer, Bert van Oers   電腦檔 2018
      International handbook of educational leadership and social (in)justice. Volume 1 [electronic resource] / edited by Ira Bogotch, Carolyn M. Shields   電腦檔 2014
7 其他項目    
2197-2842 ;    
      Aktuelle Probleme des Luftverkehrs-, Planfeststellungs- und Umweltrechts 2012 : Vorträge auf den Vierzehnten Speyerer Planungsrechtstagen und dem Speyerer Luftverkehrsrechtstag vom 7. bis 9. März 2012 an der Deutschen Hochschule für Verwaltungswissenschaften Speyer / herausgegeben von Jan Ziekow 在架上   紙本資料 2013
      Aktuelle Probleme des Luftverkehrs-, Planfeststellungs- und Umweltrechts 2013 : Vorträge auf den Fünfzehnten Speyerer Planungsrechtstagen und dem Speyerer Luftverkehrsrechtstag vom 6. bis 8. März 2013 an der Deutschen Universität für Verwaltungswissenschaften Speyer / herausgegeben von Jan Ziekow 在架上   紙本資料 2014
      Aktuelle Probleme des Luftverkehrs-, Planfeststellungs- und Umweltrechts 2014 : Vorträge auf den Sechzehnten Speyerer Planungsrechtstagen und dem Speyerer Luftverkehrsrechtstag vom 5. bis 7. März 2014 an der Deutschen Universität für Verwaltungswissenschaften Speyer / herausgegeben von Jan Ziekow 在架上   紙本資料 2015
      Wandlungen im Verhältnis zwischen Bürger und Staat : Vorträge auf dem 1. deutsch-taiwanesischen vergleichenden Symposium zum öffentlichen Recht vom 31. Oktober bis 1. November 2013 in Speyer / herausgegeben von Jan Ziekow und Chien-Liang Lee 在架上   紙本資料 2015
      Conformal field theories and tensor categories [electronic resource] : proceedings of a Workshop Held at Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research / edited by Chengming Bai ... [et al.]   電腦檔 2014
      On Characters of Finite Groups / by Michel Broue Broue, Michel,  電腦檔 2017
      Some topics in algebra : an advanced undergraduate course at PKU / Michel Broué Broué, Michel,  地圖 2014
      Some topics in algebra [electronic resource] : an advanced undergraduate course at PKU / by Michel Broue Broue, Michel  電腦檔 2014
      Molecular quantum dynamics [electronic resource] : from theory to applications / edited by Fabien Gatti   電腦檔 2014
      Nucleic acids in the gas phase / edited by Valerie Gabelica   電子書 2014
2197-5477 ;    
      Die Bedrohung der Polis : Hesiods Werke und Tage als Zeugnis literarischer Bedrohungskommunikation / Matthias Becker Becker, Matthias,; 在架上   紙本資料 2018
      Erdbeben in der Antike : Deutungen - Folgen - Repräsentationen / herausgegeben von Jonas Borsch und Laura Carrara 在架上   紙本資料 2016
      Revolution, Krieg und die Geburt von Staat und Nation : Staatsbildung in Europa und den Amerikas 1770-1930 / herausgegeben von Ewald Frie und Ute Planert 在架上   紙本資料 2016
2197-5612 ; / Graduate texts in mathematics (electronic), volume 278 : Ziemer, William P.,; 數學所圖書室; 紙本資料     
      Modern real analysis / by William P. Ziemer ; with contributions by Monica Torres Ziemer, William P.,; 在架上   紙本資料 2017
2197-5620 : 生命科學圖書館; 電腦檔     
      Forest ecosystems   電腦檔 2014-
      Anticipating future innovation pathways through large data analysis / edited by Tugrul U. Daim, Denise Chiavetta, Alan L. Porter, Ozcan Saritas   電子書 2016
      Building efficient management and leadership practices : the contemporary relevance of Chester I. Barnard's thought in the context of the knowledge-based economy / by Stefania Zanda Zanda, Stefania,  電腦檔 2018
      Cooperative and networking strategies in small business [electronic resource] / edited by Marta Peris-Ortiz, Joao J. Ferreira   電腦檔 2017
      Creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship across cultures : theory and practices / edited by Igor N. Dubina, Elias G. Carayannis   電子書 2016
28 其他項目    
      Advances in NMR spectroscopy for lipid oxidation assessment [electronic resource] / by Hong-Sik Hwang Hwang, Hong-Sik  電腦檔 2017
      Alternative routes to oil structuring / by Ashok R. Patel Patel, Ashok R.,  電子書 2015
      Anthocyanins and human health : biomolecular and therapeutic aspects / by Muhammad Zia Ul Haq, Muhammad Riaz, Bashar Saad Haq, Muhammad Zia Ul,  電子書 2016
      Application of modified atmosphere packaging on quality of selected vegetables / by Ioannis Arvanitoyannis, Achilleas Bouletis, Dimitrios Ntionias Arvanitoyannis, Ioannis,  電子書 2014
19 其他項目    
      Applied survival analysis using R / by Dirk F. Moore Moore, Dirk F.,  電子書 2016
      Bayesian cost-effectiveness analysis with the R package BCEA / by Gianluca Baio, Andrea Berardi, Anna Heath Baio, Gianluca,  電子書 2017
      Computerized adaptive and multistage testing with R : using packages catR and mstR / by David Magis, Duanli Yan, Alina A. von Davier Magis, David,  電腦檔 2017
      Data wrangling with R / by Bradley C. Boehmke Boehmke, Bradley C.,  電腦檔 2016
23 其他項目    
      Creating innovation leaders : a global perspective / edited by Banny Banerjee, Stefano Ceri   電子書 2016
      Design thinking research : building innovators / edited by Hasso Plattner, Christoph Meinel, Larry Leifer   電子書 2015
      Design thinking research : investigating design team performance / edited by Christoph Meinel, Larry Leifer   電腦檔 2020
      Design thinking research : looking further : design thinking beyond solution-fixation / edited by Christoph Meinel, Larry Leifer   電腦檔 2019
2 其他項目    
      Discourse, peace, and conflict : discursive psychology perspectives / edited by Stephen Gibson   電腦檔 2018
      Emancipatory and participatory methodologies in peace, critical, and community psychology / edited by Mohamed Seedat, Shahnaaz Suffla, Daniel J. Christie   電子書 2017
      Enlarging the scope of peace psychology [electronic resource] : African and world-regional contributions / edited by Mohamed Seedat, Shahnaaz Suffla, Daniel J. Christie   電腦檔 2017
      Healing and change in the city of gold : case studies of coping and support in Johannesburg / edited by Ingrid Palmary, Brandon Hamber, Lorena Nunez   電子書 2015
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2197-5809 / Springer series on evidence-based crime policy, : 中央研究院; 電子書     
      What works in crime prevention and rehabilitation : lessons from systematic reviews / edited by David Weisburd, David P. Farrington, Charlotte Gill   電子書 2016
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