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245 00 CSR in the Middle East|h[electronic resource] :|bfresh 
       perspectives /|cedited by Dima Jamali and Yusuf Sidani 
260    Basingstoke :|bPalgrave Macmillan,|c2012 
300    1 online resource 
505 0  Introduction: Corporate Social Responsibility: 
       Perspectives from the Middle East; D.Jamali & Y.Sidani -- 
       CSR and Philanthropy: Different Forms of Effective Social 
       Investment; Y.Majaj & S.Kassis -- Harnessing Values for 
       Impact beyond Profit in MENA; D.Haskell, J.Haskell & 
       J.J.Pottenger -- CSR to Increase Access to Medicines: 
       Lessons and Opportunities for the Middle East; J.Antoun --
       CSR: A Cost or an Opportunity for SMEs in the Middle East;
       D.Jamali & A.Tarazi -- Socially Responsible Employee 
       Management: Case Studies from Saudi Arabia and Lebanon; 
       M.Eabrasu & A.A.Ariss -- Corporate Environmental 
       Responsibility in Jordan: The Potential and the Limits; 
       M.Hindiyeh, M.A.Daabes & H.Salti -- The Development of CSR
       Reporting in the Middle East; J.Vinke & A.Khatib -- The 
       AUB Neighborhood Initiative: Social Responsibility in a 
       University's Backyard; T.Choueiri & C.Myntti -- 
       Conclusions and the Future; D.Jamali 
520    The practice of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in 
       the Middle East is explored in this volume, through a 
       unique compilation of data and perspectives from authors 
       living and working in the region. The authors demonstrate 
       how the long-entrenched traditions of philanthropy and 
       generosity in Arab culture have been reinvigorated in 
       recent years and are starting to cross-fertilize with new 
       and more institutionalized forms of giving, advocated 
       through advances pertaining to CSR. Using a variety of 
       cases, this book ponders the multiple facets of CSR in the
       region, including philanthropy, strategic giving, social 
       entrepreneurship, internal CSR and responsible human 
       resource management practices, effective CSR integration 
       in SMEs, corporate environmental responsibility and its 
       evolution, CSR reporting and lingering challenges in this 
       respect. It also considers the relevance and applicability
       of CSR to a wider spectrum of societal actors and 
       institutions. The contributions nicely capture and 
       reiterate commitment to CSR in the Middle East 
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650  0 Social responsibility of business|zMiddle East 
650  7 BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Development / Sustainable 
655  4 Electronic books 
700 1  Jamali, Dima 
700 1  Sidani, Yusuf 
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