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作者:Stanton, Andrea L. (EDT)/ Ramsamy, Edward (EDT)/ Seybolt, Peter J. (EDT)/ Elliott, Carolyn M. (EDT), 出版社: , 出版日期:2012-01-05

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In our age of globalization and multiculturalism, it has never been more important for Americans to understand and appreciate foreign cultures and how people live, love, and learn in areas of the world unfamiliar to most U.S. students and the general public. The four volumes in our cultural sociology reference encyclopedia take a step forward in this endeavor by presenting concise information on those regions likely to be most ��oreign��to U.S. students: the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. The intent is to convey what daily life is like for people in these selected regions. It is hoped entries within these volumes will aid readers in efforts to understand the importance of cultural sociology, to appreciate the effects of cultural forces around the world, and to learn the history of countries and cultures within these important regions.
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