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245 00 France and EC membership evaluated /|cedited by François-
       Georges Dreyfus, Jacques Morizet, and Max Peyrard 
260    London :|bPinter Publishers ;|aNew York :|bSt. Martin's 
300    xv, 253 pages :|billustrations ;|c24 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
490 1  EC membership evaluated series 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
505 0  |gIntroduction :|tFrance's contribution to European 
       development /|rJacques Morizet and François-Georges 
       Dreyfus --|tThe impact of the single market on the French 
       economy, strengths and weaknesses /|rAlain Buzelay --|tThe
       EC industrial policy and its impact on French and European
       industries /|rPhilippe Rollet --|tThe European Community R
       & D policy and its impact on the French R & D policy /
       |rPatrick Cohendet and Patrick Llerena --|tFrench energy 
       policy and the impact of the European Community energy 
       policy /|rGuy de Carmoy --|tTransport policy /|rJean A. 
       Belotti --|tCosts and benefits of the common agricultural 
       policy for France /|rCatherine Pivot --|tEuropean 
       environmental policies and environmental protection in 
       France /|rCorinne Larrue and Rémy Prud'homme --|tEffects 
       of the Community regional policy in France : appraisal in 
       compliance with a cost-benefit approach /|rAlain Buzelay -
       -|tThe French financial system /|rJosette Peyrard. 
505 0  |tThe European monetary system and French monetary policy 
       /|rFrançois Bilger --|tHas the European Community been a 
       benefit to France's foreign trade? /|rJacques Mallet --
       |tFrance, the Third World and the Community /|rFrançois-
       Georges Dreyfus --|tFrench attitudes to the foreign policy
       and defence of Europe /|rPierre Gerbet --|tSovereignty and
       supranationalism /|rRaymond Legrand-Lane --|tThe French 
       legal order and community law /|rPatrick Rambaud --|tThe 
       impact of the European community on French politics /
       |rJean-Louis Burban --|tThe impact of the Community on 
       industrial relations in France /|rJacques Rojot --
       |tEquality between men and women in the workplace /|rAnnie
       Sabourin Ragnaud --|tConsumer policy in France /|rMax 
       Peyrard --|tMass-media policy /|rDanielle Bahu-Leyser. 
610 20 European Economic Community|zFrance 
651  0 France|xEconomic policy|y1981-1995 
653 0  Integration 
653 0  France 
700 1  Dreyfus, François G 
700 1  Morizet, Jacques 
700 1  Peyrard, Max 
830  0 EC membership evaluated series 
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