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245 00 Professional competition and professional power :|blawyers,
       accountants and the social construction of markets /
       |cedited by Yves Dezalay and David Sugarman 
260    London ;|aNew York :|bRoutledge,|c1995 
300    xiii, 283 pages ;|c24 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
505 0  |tIntroduction: Professional competition and the social 
       construction of transnational markets /|rYves Dezalay -- 
505 0  Part I.|g1.|tThe construction of international taxation /
       |rSol Picciotto --|g2.|tCalculating corporate failure /
       |rPeter Miller and Michael Power --|g3.|tTechnological 
       warfare: the battle to control the mergers and acquisition
       market in Europe /|rYves Dezalay --|g4.|tA new judge for a
       new system of economic justice? /|rAlain Bancaud and Anne 
       Boigeol --|g5.|tGerman corporate lawyers: social closure 
       in autopoietic perspective /|rRalf Rogowski --  
505 0  Part II.|g6.|tThe cultures of globalization: professional 
       restructuring for the international market /|rJohn Flood -
       -|g7.|tProcess and policy of legal professionalization in 
       Europe: the deconstruction of a normative order /
       |rVittorio Olgiati --|g8.|tBank lawyers: a professional 
       group holding the reins of power /|rMichael Hartmann --
       |g9.|tWho colonized whom? Historical reflections on the 
       intersection between law, lawyers and accountants in 
       England /|rDavid Sugarman --|g10.|tCreative lawyering and 
       the dynamics of business regulation /|rJoseph McCahery and
       Sol Picciotto  
520    This pathbreaking work examines the on-going efforts of 
       lawyers and allied professionals to construct, police and 
       redefine their respective boundaries. It provides a unique
       academic focus on the leading corporate practitioners, 
       notably the newly emerging large multinational firms of 
       lawyers and accountants, and on the ways in which they are
       reshaping the roles and structure of their respective 
       fields. In this new context of transnational deal-making 
       and regulation building, traditional models of 
       professionalization have been rendered invalid by the 
       increasing gulf between solo practitioners and their 
       counterparts in large firms. Moreover, it is these new 
       mega firms of professionals who are playing an 
       increasingly important role in the construction of legal 
       regulation, both national and international, and therefore
       influencing the character of the nation state 
520 8  By focusing on this new type of organization and its 
       impact on the respective professional fields it becomes 
       possible to examine anew the relationship between the 
       professions, the economy and state regulation 
650  0 Practice of law|zEuropean Economic Community countries 
650  0 Professions|xLaw and legislation|zEuropean Economic 
       Community countries 
650  0 Practice of law|zGreat Britain 
700 1  Dezalay, Yves,|d1945- 
700 1  Sugarman, David 
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