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100 1  Melis, Barbara 
245 10 Negotiating Europe's immigration frontiers /|cby Barbara 
260    Boston, MA :|bKluwer Law International,|c2001 
300    xv, 250 p. ;|c25 cm 
490 0  Immigration and asylum law and policy in Europe ;|vv. 3 
500    Includes index 
505 0  Pt. 1. Immigration in Europe: An Introduction. I. 
       Immigration in Europe. I.1. Immigration towards the 
       European Union: Figures. I.2. Evolution of the migratory 
       flows and their regulation. I.3. The new migration and its
       regulation in the EU. I.4. Racialisation of the new 
       immigration policy? I.5. Compatibility of the new rules 
       with European values. I.6. Human rights issues. I.7. The 
       re-birth of Eurocentric attitudes -- Pt. 2. Immigrant 
       Policies in the European Union. II. The legal status of 
       TCNs in the EU. II.1. EU institutions' position in the 
       elaboration of immigration rules. II.2. The regulation of 
       the legal status of the TCNs settled within the Union. 
       II.3. Gender discrimination in the Union. II.4. EC 
       protection against race and sex discrimination. II.5. 
       Progress towards a more "human" European Union. II.6. 
       Relevance of the nationality concept for Community 
       purposes. II.7. European Citizenship: Exclusion of the 
       extra-Community population. III. The Treaty of Amsterdam. 
       III.1. The creation of an area of freedom, security and 
       justice. III.2. Communitarisation of immigration matters. 
       III.3. The decision-making process in the area of 
       immigration. III.4. Protocolisation under the Amsterdam 
       Treaty. III.5. Integrating the Schengen acquis into the 
       framework of the EU. IV. Freedom of movement provisions. 
       IV.1. The debate on the interpretation of old Article 7a 
       EC. IV.2. The position of Long-term Residents in the 
       Union. IV.3. The right to free movement under 
       international agreements. IV.4. Derived rights under 
       freedom of movement rules. V. The social rights of TCNs. 
       V.1. The evolution of social regulation under EC law. V.2.
       Derived social rights. V.3. Social security: Right to 
       equal treatment. VI. Working conditions and the right to 
       residence. VI.1. The right to non discrimination as 
       regards working conditions. VI.2. The right to residence 
       in the host State. VI.3. Final remarks -- Pt. 3. 
       Immigration Policy in the European Union. VII. Admission 
       policies and rules. VII.1. General remarks. VII.2. Legal 
       instruments under the Maastricht Treaty. VII.3. External 
       aspects of the immigration policy. VII.4. Internal 
       dimension. VII.5. Visa policy. VII.6. Admission policy. 
       VII.7. Admission under international agreements. VIII. 
       Admission for TCNs family members. VIII.1. Family reunion:
       The international setting. VIII.2. EU regulating: An 
       exception to the restrictive admission principle? VIII.3. 
       EU legal basis for the regulation of family reunion. 
       VIII.4. Regulation under the Immigration Convention. 
       VIII.5. Arranged marriages in the Union. VIII.6. The 
       Immigration Convention's new approach -- Pt. 4. The 
       Repressive Side of Immigration Policy: Controls and 
       Expulsion Measures. IX. Policing and control measures. 
       IX.1. General remarks. IX.2. Migratory flows: Are the pull
       and push factors over? IX.3. Controls on entries. IX.4. 
       Success of control? The rise of illegal immigration. IX.5.
       Trafficking in human beings: A growing form of illegal 
       immigration. IX.6. The external response to illegal 
       immigration: The readmission agreements. IX.7. Internal 
       controls. IX.8. Controls on legal workers or residents. X.
       Expulsion measures. X.1. Legal basis. X.2. The impact on 
       TCNs of repatriation measures. X.3. Practical arrangements
       for expulsion. X.4. Cooperation in carrying out forced 
       repatriations. X.5. The way forward: Forced deportation? 
       Annex I. Table of Equivalence between the previous and the
       new numbering of the Treaty of Amsterdam -- Annex II. List
       of third countries whose nationals are required a visa 
       when crossing Member States' external border -- Annex III.
       List of third countries whose nationals are not required a
       visa when crossing Member States' external borders -- 
       Annex IV. List of third countries whose nationals are 
       required a visa in one or more Member States when crossing
       its external borders -- Annex V. List of third countries 
       whose nationals are required a transit visa. 
650  0 Emigration and immigration law|zEuropean Union countries
650  0 Emigration and immigration|xGovernment policy|zEuropean 
       Union countries 
650  0 Discrimination|zEuropean Union countries 
830  0 Immigration and asylum law and policy in Europe ;|vv. 3 
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