LEADER 00000nam  2200000 a 4500 
008    020703s1701    enk           000 0 eng d 
040    AS|cAS|dTH 
041 1  eng|hfre 
050    DS646.4|b.G47 1701 
100 1  Gervaise, Nicolas,|d1662-1729 
245 13 An historical description of the kingdom of Macasar in the
       East-Indies.|bIn three books. Giving a particular account:
       I. Of the situation of the country, the product and 
       principal towns in it. II. The manners and customs of the 
       inhabitants, their government, trade, recreations, habits 
       and marriages. III. The antient idolatry of the 
       Macasarians, the progress of the Christian religion among 
       them; and the establishment of the Mahometan ... Together 
       with a particular account of the arts and cruelties used 
       by the Batavians to establish themselves in, and exclude 
       all other European nations from that country 
260    London :|bPrinted for Tho. Leigh, and D. Midwinter ...,
300    4 p. 1., 159 p. ;|c19 cm 
500    Title within double line border 
590    thlyy(fsnB1) 
650  0 Macassar (Kingdom)|xDescription and travel 
651  0 Ujung Pandang (Indonesia) |xDescription and travel 
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