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008    821202s1803    ctu     s     000 0 eng d 
040    MWA|cMWA|edcrb 
111 2  Convention of Elders and Brethren of the Baptist 
       Denomination|d(1803 :|cBristol, Conn.) 
245 10 To the honorable General Assembly of the state of 
       Connecticut,|h[electronic resource] :|bto be holden at 
       Hartford, on the second Thursday of May, 1803, the 
       remonstrance and petition of a Convention of Elders and 
       Brethren of the Baptist Denomination, assembled at Bristol,
       on the first Wednesday of February, 1803, respectfully 
       sheweth .. 
260    [Hartford? :|bs.n.,|c1803] 
300    1 sheet ([1] p.) 
500    "In short, your petitioners humbly conceive, that the 
       Christian religion is not an object of civil government, 
       nor any ways under its controul ... Whereupon your 
       petitioners pray your honors ... to repeal all the laws of
       this state which form the religious establishment thereof.
       ... Dated at Bristol the second day of February ... 1803. 
       Signed by order and in behalf of the said convention. 
       Rufus Babcock, moderator. David Bolles, Junr. clerk." 
500    Text printed in three columns 
510 4  Shaw & Shoemaker|c3723 
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650  0 Baptists|zConnecticut 
650  0 Church and state|zConnecticut 
651  0 Connecticut|xPolitics and government|y1775-1865 
655  7 Broadsides.|2rbgenr 
655  7 Memorials (Legal)|2rbgenr 
700 1  Babcock, Rufus,|d1758-1842 
710 1  Connecticut.|bGeneral Assembly 
752    United States|bConnecticut|dHartford 
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