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100 1  Martin, William K. E 
245 10 Digital terrain analysis and landform segmentation for 
       spatial variability of forest soil and litter properties 
       in a deciduous forest stand in southern Ontario 
300    73 p 
500    Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 43-03, 
       page: 0805 
500    Adviser:  Vic Timmer 
502    Thesis (M.Sc.F.)--University of Toronto (Canada), 2004 
520    Intensive forest management requires spatial information 
       of land properties at scales finer than those depicted in 
       most conventional surveys, maps, and databases. Landform 
       segmentation, a branch of Digital Terrain Analysis that 
       groups similar topographic attributes into larger spatial 
       units called landform element complexes (LECs), may 
       provide an efficient, quantitative approach for modeling 
       spatial variability at the scales relevant to land 
       planners and managers. Landform segmentation was used in a
       deciduous forest stand on the Oak Ridges Moraine in 
       southern Ontario, Canada in order to examine effects of 
       topography on soil and stand properties used in indices of
       soil quality and stand productivity. Significant 
       differences were recorded between the LEC spatial units in
       what is conventionally considered to be a homogenous 
       forest stand on one soil unit. Fine-scale spatial maps of 
       the results were constructed to demonstrate improvements 
       over conventional sources of soil and land information 
       such as coarse-resolution 2-D maps 
590    School code: 0779 
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650  4 Physical Geography 
650  4 Agriculture, Forestry and Wildlife 
650  4 Agriculture, Soil Science 
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710 2  University of Toronto (Canada) 
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