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100 1  Gehani, Ashish 
245 10 Support for automated passive host-based intrusion 
300    155 p 
500    Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 65-
       06, Section: B, page: 2998 
500    Supervisor: Gershon Kedem 
502    Thesis (Ph.D.)--Duke University, 2003 
520    Vulnerabilities continue to be discovered with high 
       frequency. Threats that exploit them can be recognized by 
       intrusion detectors. Manual response, however, is becoming
       decreasingly tenable. We introduce a model for automatic 
       real-time mitigation of the risk posed to a host. The 
       model is derived from an extant risk analysis framework 
       used by the information assurance community, applying it 
       to the operating system paradigm. We describe runtime 
       support for implementing the scheme 
520    SADDLE provides an auditing architecture that allows high 
       fidelity auditing for intrusion detection with limited 
       computational load and storage requirements. ARM modifies 
       the reference monitor to dynamically constrain permissions
       to control the probability of exposing threatened 
       resources. RICE allows guarantees to be made about the 
       confidentiality, integrity and availability of data after 
       a penetration occurs. NOSCAM provides a service for pro-
       active gathering of forensic evidence for postmortem 
       analysis of an attack. These systems are combined through 
       a prototype response engine, RheoStat, whose utility is 
       demonstrated using a set of synthetic attacks 
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710 20 Duke University 
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