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050 00 BT30.G3|bW55 2007 
100 1  Wilson, John Elbert,|d1942- 
245 10 Introduction to modern theology :|btrajectories in the 
       German tradition /|cJohn E. Wilson 
246 30 Modern theology 
250    1st ed 
260    Louisville :|bWestminster John Knox Press,|cc2007 
300    x, 286 p. ;|c23 cm 
504    Includes bibliographical references and indexes 
505 0  Germany: historical overview -- The formative period: 
       Kant; Early idealism; Hegel; The later Schelling; "Young 
       Hegelians" (D. F. Straus, Ludwig Feuerbach, Karl Marx); 
       Kierkegaard; Schleiermacher; Fries and de Wette; Emerson -
       - Mediation theology: August Tholuck and Julius Müller; 
       Richard Rothe; I. A. Dorner; Karl Hase; F. C. Baur -- 
       Ritschlianism and liberal theology: Neo-Kantianism (F. A. 
       Lange and Hermann Lotze); Albrecht Ritschl; Wilhelm 
       Hermann; Adolf Harnack; Walter Rauschenbusch; Ernst 
       Troeltsch; Rudolf Otto; William James; Albert Schweitzer; 
       Fritz Buri; Alfred North Whitehead -- Antecedents of 
       dialectic theology: Martin Kähler; Franz Overbeck -- 
       Dialectic theology: Karl Barth; Emil Brunner; Rudolf 
       Bultmann; Gerhard Ebeling; Dietrich Bonhoeffer -- 
       Postliberal American theologians: Paul Tillich; Reinhold 
       Niebuhr; H. Richard Niebuhr; Martin Luther King Jr. and 
       the beginnings of liberation theology -- German 
       theologians emerging in the 1960s: Dorothee Sölle; Jürgen 
       Moltmann; Wolfhart Pannenberg; The later Heidegger and 
       theology (Being and language in the later Heidegger; Karl 
       Rahner; Heinrich Ott; anonymous Christianity?); Eberhard 
650  0 Theology, Doctrinal|zGermany|xHistory|y19th century 
650  0 Protestant churches|zGermany|xDoctrines|xHistory|y19th 
650  0 Theology, Doctrinal|zGermany|xHistory|y20th century 
650  0 Protestant churches|zGermany|xDoctrines|xHistory|y20th 
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