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050  4 QP301|b.N38 2012 
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245 00 Natural locomotion in fluids and on surfaces :|bswimming, 
       flying, and sliding /|cStephen Childress...[et al.], 
260    New York :|bSpringer,|cc2012 
300    xv, 313 p.|c24 cm 
490 1  The IMA volumes in mathematics and its applications ;
504    Includes bibliographical references 
505 00 |gPart. 1.|tINVITED PAPERS --|tModel Problems for Fish 
       Schooling /|rSilas Alben --|tThe Challenge of 
       Understanding and Quantifying Fish Responses to Turbulence
       -Dominated Physical Environments /|rAline J. Cotel and 
       Paul W. Webb --|tThe Fluid Dynamics of Feeding In the 
       Upside-Down Jellyfish /|rChristina Hamlet, Laura A. Miller,
       Terry Rodriguez and Arvind Santhanakrishnan --|tKinetic 
       Models for Biologically Active Suspensions /|rDavid 
       Saintillan --|tIndividual to Collective Dynamics of 
       Swimming Bacteria /|rLuis H. Cisneros, Sujoy Ganguly, 
       Raymond E. Goldstein and John O. Kessler --|tDynamics, 
       Control, and Stabilization of Turning Flight in Fruit 
       Flies /|rLeif Ristroph, Attila J. Bergou, Gordon J. Berman,
       John Guckenheimer and Z. Jane Wang, et al. --|tGeometric 
       Mechanics, Dynamics, and Control of Fishlike Swimming in a
       Planar Ideal Fluid /|rScott David Kelly, Parthesh Pujari 
       and Hailong Xiong --|tSlithering Locomotion /|rDavid L. Hu
       and Michael Shelley 
505 80 |gPart 2.|tCONTRIBUTED PAPERS --|tShark Skin Boundary 
       Layer Control /|rAmy Lang, Philip Motta, Maria Laura 
       Habegger and Robert Hueter --|tNumerical Modeling of the 
       Performance of Ray Fins in Fish Locomotion /|rQiang Zhu 
       and Kourosh Shoele --|tFormation of Ocean Surface Patterns
       by Cetacean Fluke Oscillations /|rRachel Levy and David 
       Uminsky --|tUnsolved Problems in the Locomotion of 
       Mammalian Sperm /|rSusan S. Suarez --|tComputing optimal 
       Strokes for Low Reynolds Number Swimmers /|rAntonio 
       Desimone, Luca Heltai, FranÇois Alouges and Aline Lefebvre
       -Lepot --|tModels of Low Reynolds Number Swimmers Inspired
       by Cell Blebbing /|rQixuan Wang, Jifeng Hu and Hans Othmer
       --|tA Low-Reynolds-Number Treadmilling Swimmer Near a Semi
       -infinite Wall /|rKiori Obuse and Jean-Luc Thiffeault --
       |tCilia Induced Bending of Paramecium in Microchannels /
       |rSaikat Jana, Junil Kim, Sung Yang and Sunghwan Jung --
       |tRheology of Sheared Bacterial Suspensions /|rZhenlu Cui 
       and Xiao-Ming Zeng --|tA User-Friendly Formulation of the 
       Newtonian Dynamics for the Coupled Wing-Body System in 
       Insect Flight /|rSheng Xu --|tEfficient Flapping Flight 
       Using Flexible Wings Oscillating at Resonance /|rHassan 
       Masoud and Alexander Alexeev --|tStability of Passive 
       Locomotion in Periodically-Generated Vortex Wakes /|rBabak
       G. Oskouei and Eva Kanso --|tSimulating Vortex Wakes of 
       Flapping Plates /|rJ. X. Sheng, A. Ysasi, D. Kolomenskiy, 
       E. Kanso and M. Nitsche, et al. --|tA Velocity 
       Decomposition Approach for Solving the Immersed Interface 
       Problem with Dirichlet Boundary Conditions /|rAnita T. 
       Layton --|tElliptic Regularization and the Solvability of 
       Self-Propelled Locomotion Problems /|rAdam Boucher --
       |tComparative Studies Reveal Principles of Movement on and
       Within Granular Media /|rYang Ding, Nick Gravish, Chen Li,
       Ryan D. Maladen and Nicole Mazouchova, et al 
650  0 Locomotion|xMathematical models|vCongresses 
650  0 Fluid mechanics|vCongresses 
700 1  Childress, Stephen 
830  0 IMA volumes in mathematics and its applications ;|vv.155 
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