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100 1  Wilder, Sandra 
245 10 Gender differences in factors pertaining to math anxiety 
       among college students 
300    292 p 
500    Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 73-
       09, Section: A, page:  
500    Adviser: Lynn M. Pachnowski 
502    Thesis (Ph.D.)--The University of Akron, 2012 
520    Math anxiety has been seen as one of the biggest obstacles
       to student success in mathematics. The nature of this 
       condition, as well as its relationships with numerous 
       predictors, has been investigated for decades. However, 
       there is still a significant lack of agreement among the 
       findings of these research studies. The current study 
       examines gender differences in relationships between age, 
       time without mathematics, math preparedness level, student
       perceptions of teachers' and parents' attitudes toward 
       this discipline, and math anxiety. The corresponding 
       relationships are also investigated for two major 
       dimensions of this condition: numerical anxiety and math 
       test anxiety 
520    The results of this study indicate that impact of the 
       proposed predictors on math anxiety vary based on gender. 
       It further suggests that the structure and nature of this 
       condition are different for female and male students 
590    School code: 0003 
650  4 Education, Mathematics 
650  4 Education, Educational Psychology 
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