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245 00 Virtues and their vices /|cedited by Kevin Timpe and Craig
       A. Boyd 
246 18 Virtues & their vices 
250    First edition 
264  1 Oxford, United Kingdom :|bOxford University Press,|c2014 
300    x, 510 pages ;|c24 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
505 00 |gIntroduction /|rKevin Timpe and Craig A. Boyd --
       |tPrudence /|rW. Jay Wood --|tThe virtues of justice /
       |rDavid Schmidtz and John Thrasher --|tFortitude and the 
       conflict of frameworks /|rDaniel McInerny --|tTemperance /
       |rRobert C. Roberts --|tLust and chastity /|rColleen 
       McCluskey --|tGluttony and abstinence /|rRobert B. 
       Kruschwitz --|tAvarice and liberality /|rAndrew Pinsent --
       |tSloth: some historical reflections on laziness, effort, 
       and resistance to the demands of love /|rRebecca Konyndyk 
       DeYoung --|tA study of virtuous and vicious anger /|rZac 
       Cogley --|tEnvy and its discontents /|rTimothy Perrine and
       Kevin Timpe --|tPride and humility: tempering the desire 
       for excellence /|rCraig A. Boyd --|tTrust /|rLinda 
       Zagzebski --|tEpisteme: knowledge and understanding /
       |rJohn Greco --|tSophia: theoretical wisdom and 
       contemporary epistemology /|rJason Baehr --|tFaith as 
       attitude, trait, and virtue /|rRobert Audi --|tOn hope /
       |rCharles Pinches --|tCharity: how friendship with God 
       unfolds in love for others /|rPaul J. Wadell --|tVirtue in
       theology /|rStephen Pope --|tVirtue in political thought: 
       on civic virtue in political liberalism /|rChristie 
       Hartley and Lori Watson --|tVirtue in positive psychology 
       /|rEverett L. Worthington, Jr, Caroline Lavelock, Daryl R.
       Van Tongeren, David J. Jennings, II, Aubrey L. Gartner, 
       Don E. Davis, and Joshua N. Hook --|tMoral psychology, 
       neuroscience, and virtue: from moral judgment to moral 
       character /|rJames A. Van Slyke --|tVirtue and a feminist 
       ethics of care /|rRuth Groenhout 
650  0 Virtues 
650  0 Vices 
700 1  Timpe, Kevin,|eeditor of compilation 
700 1  Boyd, Craig A.,|eeditor of compilation 
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